16 October 2011

First Impression: Guilty Crown

I wasn't too impress with UN-GO so here I am hoping that Guilty Crown could make up for what is lacking in that other noitaminA series.

(c) Redjuice

Ouma Shu is a socially awkward student who is currently living in a quasi-independent Japan. He is not happy with what has Japan turned into after the Apocalypse Virus weakened the country to the point that it has to be dependent on other countries, even after all these years. One day he met with Inori, an Egoist singer who is also deemed as a terrorist since she is a member of the Funeral Parlor. Inori was badly hurt and the "authority" found her and took her into custody in front of Shu. This just pressured Shu to do something. Shit can't go down like this forever y'all!

Inori left Funell, her pet robot there. Inside of it is Void Genome that Inori stole. She must give it to Gai at all cost. This presents the perfect opportunity for Shu to retaliate and redeem himself. Gai is actually so fucking hot and so fucking badass, I think I'm gonna die just watching him being so fucking awesome. He fucking kills people with a smile plastered on his face. Oh shit I think I just came LMAO

whats not to fap?
(c) Redjuice

The authority is willing to go to any length to get it back including mass genocide in pretext that they are "infected". Sounds familiar doesn't it? Well, that's what happened when you let the most powerful country (read US of A) "help" you. You are in fact selling your soul to the devil. I am just most thankful to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad for not turning to IMF when the world economy collapsed in 1998. He knew what would happened if we did just that. Instead he tied our currency to MYR3.80 and that save our butt and thus let us continue to be independent. That is why he is my hero.

Anyhoo, back to the show. I am not crazy about "putting your hand inside of someone's chest to obtain absolute power whatevershit". It lacks originality (Code Geass/Dantalian no Shouka anyone?) and even though the Guilty Crown looks bad ass, in the hand of Shu, it is just... blurgh. Why does a coward good for nothing character always gets the girl and the cool gadgets? I never realized that it actually pissed me off until I watched this show. Maybe I'm just getting sick of the same platform being used over and over again. I mean, why can't Gai gets the Guilty Crown? Why does Shu, someone who doesn't know the fuck about anything gets it and given the opportunity to be a hero? Does it supposed to represent hope for the losers? Well, here's a bad news: in real life, you will remain a loser if you believe this shit.

Having said that, Production I.G. does not disappoint me this time around. Besides Gai, the stunning arts nd animation are definitely one of the strong reasons why I'm liking this show despite the infuriating story line and shallow protagonists (both Inori and Shu). The other good reasons are the songs. It was beautifully sang and even though I'm not a fan of Inori the wench, I have to admit, her singing is captivating.

Did I enjoy this more than UN-GO? Though the story sort of something that I've seen too many time before, it was beautifully done and thus credits go to Production I.G for the brilliant execution. Here I am hoping that they develop the story nicely so this one could turn out great otherwise it would be another flop.

Conclusion: There is nothing about the story that excites me but my b0nar for the animation wins the inner battle. I'm not losing my faith on noitaminA just yet and that is indeed a good news.

art & animation 10/10
story 7/10
characters 7/10
sound 9/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 8.4/10

p/s: for the best review of Guilty Crown, click here.


"What's not to fap about?" That. Is. So. True. Gai fans unite~

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