17 October 2011

Fate/Zero: Episode 3

Looks like Tokiomi did know that Kirei will send Assassin and it was actually part of their plan. I guess one less Servant will bring them closer to the Holy Grail. It does not seems like Tokiomi is very please with his Gilgamesh but is probably because of how stuck up he is, and rightly so in my opinion.

Poor Assassin. No one cares about him. When the other Servants learned about his death, they all just shrugged and did not give a damn. They do however, show interest as to who defeated him and thus everyone wants to challenge Gilgamesh now.

Since Kirei has lost his Servant, he is no longer a Master which mean he has been forfeited from the war of Holy Grail. He seeks protection from the church and his wish is granted by his father. Or so everyone thought. They believe that Assassin has been taken care of when indeed there are at least 20 more of them. You sneakily cunning son of a bitch, Kirei ^__^

When I said everyone, I mean everyone except Emiya who definitely detects that something fishy is going on. His assistant Maiya agrees with him too. I think Emiya is the most dynamic character in this show and it is hard not to love the guy because of that. He has his way with guns too and just by watching him handling those guns makes me wanna jizz in my pantsu. Oh by the way, it looks like he has an affair with Maiya. Heh, things just got interesting >=D

for some twisted reason, this makes me excited: knowing that Emiya is not loyal to Irisviel

Emiya is already in Japan and they want the others to believe that Irisviel is Saber's Master so they go to Japan together. Saber kind of having a self-glorified moment when she told Irisviel of her ability of the Riding that will allow her to have her instinct guides her how to operate any vehicle or beasts. On their way to find Emiya, it is Irisviel turn to tell Saber a tad about herself. I understand now why she is so in love with Emiya. He is the man that introduced her to the outside world, literally. After listening to her pathetic life story, Saber sympathized with her and offers to escort her for sight seeing in the city.

And here's what I think. I think Irisviel should have an affair with Saber too lmao. After all Irisviel thinks of Saber as a gentleman :P

Apparently I can read her mind

This sorta ruin the build up moment in this episode in my opinion. I was ready to see the other Servants fight each other but I guess it's too soon for that. There are 22 episodes to go after all.

Well, at least a Servant has made it presence known to Saber, inviting her for a battle before the episode ends. The Servant in question is none other than Lancer. Needless to say, I'm fucking stoke.

Ooooooh yeah!

Indeed, Rider. Indeed.


Ohh soo do you think there are more assassins (which I'll start calling "sins") because of the caster servant summoning a bunch more? If you watched Fate/Stay Night (which I LOATHED into the final episodes), the caster servant did the same thing and summoned a pseudo-servant. Anyways, yeah Gilgamesh is fucking idiot and I really went frown-face when Gilgamesh implicitly said he'd kill him if he didn't find a treasure to his liking. THEN he says he won't let anyone have the grail without his say so (meaning his master). I'm like wtf, you signed a contract damnit, you can't kill your master! Anyways, having to fawn over your servant. Fuck that. But then again, the ends may justify the means.

This is just me, but I'm really starting to think that the original assassin that got killed might still be alive too. Even though it's unnecessary, I think maybe because in the opening sequence, he's in it. Just a silly assumption, especially since there are way more, but yeah. Emiya is definitely interesting though. The affair thing definitely raised my eyebrows. I mean the puppet (which I originally thought was a servant from the last grail war) is really kind of dense...I mean personally I like her, but I get tired of her demeaning Saber as "just a girl who had responsibility heaped on her." the sexism from her and the main character in Fate/Stay Night (FSN) REALLY PISSED ME OFF.

I'm so insanely glad we don't have 14 year old kids as protagonists -_-" seriously. It's funny...even though I hated FSN so much and the ending (wtf was with Saber going back to the past..???), I'm glad I watched it so I can FULLY appreciate Fate/Zero :) good post.

Whoaaa hold your horses. I freaking love Gilgamesh. He's one of my favorite Servants since Fate/Stay Night. His attitude justify his skills. He's not just all talk and got no walk. I like the fact that he seems to be in command instead of Tokiomi though I feel Tokiomi and Kirei will eventually be the cause of his down >_<

I rather the Assassin that got killed stay dead otherwise Kirei will have an infinite Servant on his side.

I have never like Saber. I don't understand why everyone is fawning over her. But she is badass when she gets serious so Maiya should be careful of her words.

14 year old hero is indeed stretching it a bit when it comes to the Holy Grail. I never like him either. Rin and Archer were my favorite combo for Fate/Stay Night. The details of that show are bits and pieces in my head so it doesn't really helped me much in Fate/Zero T__T

Kiritsugu isn't really having an affair with Maiya, she simply kissed him to get him focused on their goal, the Holy Grail. If you pay attention to Kiritsugu's expression, you would see that he did not really give a damn about Maiya's kiss. This scene would make more sense later on when we know more about Maiya's history (which would be impossible to explain without spoiling it right now). In the end though, Kiritsugu is definately as royal to Irisviel as any man can get and maybe more. It also seems that Irisviel knows about Kiritsugu and Maiya's relationship.

You just crushed my hope to see a foursome. Why did you do it. T__T

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