03 October 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 25

The final episode of Ao no Exorcist. It started with Mephisto striking a deal with some old unknown man. He will give that man immortality but in exchanged, if that man wishes to die, his soul will be Mephisto's. This is kinda the same deal with the Okumura's twin, isn't it? I assumed this happened some times ago since the time does not tally with what's happening at the top of the Academy.
edit: and I was right. Mephisto was reminiscing.

I'm gonna miss this cunning guy

Rin and Yuki, plus Auguste and Shura as well, are fighting off the demons. Satan wants to open the Gehenna Gate wide enough so that it can swallow Assiah. Things are definitely not looking up at the moment for the citizen of Assiah. Even the shelter place is assaulted with demons now as they just get stronger for some reason. Koneko becomes useful for once when he figures out the time difference between the Japanese Branch and the Vatican since they are connected. Suguro then comes up with the idea of making their own sun to ward off the demons. Thank goodness he and the others are there.

Above the shelter, the Gehenna Gate is moving. They are like an alien spaceship and destroying everything on it's path with laser beam. To be honest, it is kind of off-putting because I expect something more cruel coming from Satan. Oh well, it's up to Rin, Yukio and Blackie to stop Satan now. Thanks to Suguro's ideas, the demons are confused and Rin gets the opportunity that he needs to strike the gate down.

Unfortunately it's easier said then done. Both of them are knocked off from Blackie's back. Yukio accidentally unsheathes the demon sword and when he and Rin connected, their combined powers are overwhelming the demons thus they managed to destroy the gate with ease... well, a little too easy in my opinion...

you're not watching a football match, Mephisto! lol

Anyhoo, things are back to normal except that the Academy is ruined. But meh nothing that Mephisto can't handle. Yukio lost his Paladin rank and is demoted back to middle first class Exorcist. He brings Rin to Yuri's place in the mountain. He tells Rin what he had learned from Satan's memories and they visit the place where Yuri died after giving birth to them both.

Can't say that I am not disappointed with the ending. The build up was great but they poorly executed the end. There was no sense of climax for me *sigh*

I look forward to the second season now. In the mean time, lets read the manga!


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