06 October 2011

First Impression: C³

I'm bracing myself for possibly the shittiest anime of the season simply because this show is blatantly stupid and I don't handle stupidity very well. However, I have a feeling though that moefags will worship C³ or also known as Cube x Cursed x Curious. Each to his/her own *shrugs*

So expect a lot of rage in this post.

And just like in the synopsis, Yachi did find Fear naked in the kitchen eating rice cake. Fear has the audacity to be angry at Yachi and even throw a rice cooker to his face when she's the one walking around in someone's else house naked and stealing other people's rice cake. She deserved to be raped and then murdered tragically after that. I would have done it.

she was practically begging to be fucked >=(
(c) Sasorigatame

But then there will be no story so instead Yachi treated her to tea and lent her his t-shirt. WHAT IN THE FUCKING ALTERNATE WORLD DOES HE LIVES IN! See? This is why I hate shows like this. Why does everyone is nice to her is beyond me. It doesn't make sense! Rude girl like Fear should have been spanked and repeatedly #*&(^!

Enough of this shit. I'm dropping it. Having said that, this show will make a good hentai material lol

arts & animation 4/10
story 2/10
character 1/10
sound 5/10
enjoyment 1/10
overall 2.6/10


I had negative interest in this anime. Now I have negative negative interest....wait, that technically means I have positive interest....I have negative negative negative interest in this anime.

glad that you got the equation right. Phew!

So far this really is the worst first episode of the season. And you're right about the worship, I've already seen some people on twitter calling this the best anime of the season! oy!
Despite completely agreeing with you, I'm going to still be watching this one till the end cause sometimes I'm just an idiot.

I am not surprised anymore. I know someone who will defend this show like his life is depending on it.

As long as you admit it's shit and watch it for the sake of being an idiot, you're okay, lostty. There is hope yet lol :3

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