13 September 2011

No. 6: Episode 10

Like I said in the previous episode, Shion would have not survived if Nezumi weren't around. He would probably break his neck during the fall. The place is full of pile of human corpses. No.6 just dumped them into that rotten hole to die be it a children or women. Such cruelty is unforgivable. I don't even want to imagine how rotten the smell is down there.

Nezumi took advantage of the situation though. You either have to be heartless or very determined to use the corpses to climb to the top to free yourself. I think Nezumi is the latter which in turn encouraged Shion to do the same.

It seems like Shion is able to hear Safu's voice. When Shion told Nezumi about it, very subtly Nezumi admitted to himself that he has fallen. I would think that he's saying he has fallen way too deep for Shion and hearing him talked about Safu invoked some sort of jealousy inside of him. Still he refused to come clean to Shion and proceeded with their plan. If only he is a little more honest with himself and with Shion... =3

Yes, you have

Dogkeeper and the Pimp managed to get inside the facility by hijacking a janitor's truck. They released a stink gas and the security lax completely. Thanks to them, Nezumi and Shion managed to get quite a far ahead.

Nezumi asked Shion not to change but after what he saw, there's no way Shion will remain unchanged. He took the lead and even smiling as he did so. He didn't even flinch when Nezumi wounded some of the No.6 personnel. This change definitely saddens Nezumi the most and worried him as well, even more so when Shion is the only one claimed to hear Safu's voice. Not only that he even mercilessly killed a wounded man (whom he wounded in the first place for wounding Nezumi) even when Nezumi pleaded to him.

(c) nadzomi viro

Oh my fucking smurf. I don't care what people said but that was awesome.

It seems like Shion wasn't being himself when he killed that bald dude. He was about to panic when he saw Nezumi looking so smurfing vulnerable, apologizing for turning Shion into himself.

Since they managed to eliminate the security, getting to Safu was easy. I don't know... I just got this feeling that Safu will be a complete wackjob in the next and final episode. I also got this feeling that only one of them will survive this ordeal with Shion sacrificing himself.


I don't like this train of thoughts that I am having so I'm gonna stop here.

p/s: I love the bloody action sequence between Nezumi and the security guards =3


You should watch until the end, because it's beautiful! And neither Nezumi, nor Shion will die.

err... I did. http://kluxorious.blogspot.com/2011/09/no-6-episode-11.html

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