24 September 2011

First Impression: Busou Shinki Moon Angel

What is with the trend of 5 minutes airing time per episode nowadays? Anyway, I was all about giving this show a go, knowing the fact that it might be dropped after the first episode. I'm not a big fan of mecha after all, even more so when the mecha itself are moe lolis.

(c) Momo

Oh, I stand corrected. They aren't really mecha. They are some sort of a robotic toys called Shinki that every boys in town want to own at least one. The show started with two Shinki fighting each other. The blonde was damaged in said fight and went unconscious when she took the fall. It just so happen this kid Tsubasa (who really want a Shinki) found her perched on a tree. He thought that he has found a normal Shinki who was thrown away. He took her in not knowing that the real (evil) masters are looking for her.

And that pretty much concludes the first episode. What does you expect from a 5 minutes episode?

Though it's not bad, it doesn't have anything that appeals to me either. With that said, this one is dropped like I know it would.

art & animation 5/10
story 4/10
characters 5/10
sound 4/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 4.6/10


Wow, does that sound like Chobits. Well, I guess it will have more battles.

Chobits? Oh fuck no wonder I was so indifference towards this crap.

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