09 August 2011

No. 6: Episode 5

Since Summer anime is lack of BL, it is safe to assume that N0.6 is indeed a BL, what with all the hints since the beginning of the show. I am not complaining though but I understand how some people lost interest in this show because of it. I think Bones, Aniplex and Fuji TV are taking a risk with the not-so-subtle BL theme. We will just have to wait till the end of the show whether it's going to turn into profit or bite the dust.

Anyhoo, more people are dying from the bee infection in No.6 and the rumors has spread even outside the wall so Rikiga meets with Dogkeeper so that he can gets information. Since Shion is working with him, he is invited to the discussion as well. He blabbers what he knows to them both. Seriously, he never learns.

Because of the circumstances, Shion and Rikiga go to the Hamlet play and seeing Nezumi acts as Eve makes Shion comes in his pantsu.

awww, so moe ♥

In the middle of the act, Nezumi seemingly hearing song in his head. At the same time, Safu is admiring the tinted glass of bees in No.5. They both collapse and have the same dreams of being attacked by the bees. They are both are safe from harm though it seems like the dream connected Safu to Shion and Nezumi. Safu is then immediately sent home to No.6 because her grandmother has passed away.

Nezumi is brought home where the panic Shion tries to rape him till he's awake wake him. Again, this show reminds us why it's so gaaaaayyyy. Upon learning about the parasite bees which are active even during the winter, Nezumi is full of gay as he leads the dance. Aww... I would have fallen for him too even if I'm not gay.

This should totally happened!
(c) Cho

I am a little bit surprised that Shion does not argue with Nezumi about the parasite bees taking over No.6 considering how righteous he is. I guess he was too carried away with the dance. Can't really blame him.

Towards the end of the episode, as Shion touches Nezumi's neck and tells him that he couldn't bear losing him, I freaking love it when I saw how Nezumi reacted. He gulps! and just listening to Shion calling out his name makes his hand trembles. If that is not love, I don't know what is ^__^

I just ♥ this moment is all

Shion is just freaking out thinking that Nezumi might have been infected by the bees as well. I wish Safu will not interfere with their love though. However from the preview, it does looks like it. Damn it.


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