09 August 2011

First Impression: Doube J

I have absolutely no idea what to expect for this show. I purposely do not check out the synopsis because I don't want it to be ruined like I did with Mayo Chiki. God that was an awful experience. i have learned my lesson. I do know however that this one is produced by an unfamiliar studio (at least for me) called DLE so I don't expect this to fucking blow my mind.

To my surprised, Double J is another anime this season that is only 4 minutes long per episode. What's with the trend I wonder? Anyhoo, it's about some girls who want to join Traditional Art whatever club where the members come from a line of family that do traditional arts. That is if you include making rain gutter and incision on toothpicks as arts.

I definitely can't take this show seriously, and honestly I don't think it is ever meant to be taken seriously, when the characters look like this:

the supposedly male protagonist, Ichirou Toba

Besides, only the characters are cartoonish (I don't used the word anime because it certainly doesn't look like one). The production team used real picture as the background. Lazy? I think so too.

This show is shit but since it's only 4 minutes long, I'll humor it until I get bored.

art and animation 4/10
story 4/10
characters 4/10
sound 5/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 4/10


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