02 August 2011

First Impression: Blood-C

I was looking forward to this one but when I saw people's general reaction to this show, I started to have doubt. Can a show that promised blood and perhaps gore be that bad? Even more so when the protagonist is a smexy female with katana as weapon. That got me curious. What has gone wrong? Isn't this one produced by Producion I.G and is a collaboration with Clamp? Did they screw up? There's only one way to found out. So here I am, several weeks later, checking out the first episode of Blood-C. Let see if it's true what they said about this show or this show is just underrated for whatever reason. But being that I have a fetish for blood, I might probably be biased in the end ^^"

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Kisaragi Saya is the female protagonist that I talked about earlier. The fact that she wears a megane definitely helps me liking her right away. She's a shrine maiden and is a klutz who seems to be cheerful all the time. You wouldn't expect that from a vampire slasher now, do you? The Saya from Blood+ is all emo and shit.

Halfway through the episode, I get it why people are disappointed with Blood-C. It was all cutesy and smiley and stuff like that though some of the dudes in her class are pretty suspicious. I can't wait to see what roles are they playing. Are they the bad guys or the good guys? I am not that naive to believe that the questions will be answered straight away but I do hope that the other half of this episode will be gory and bloody, just like I like it.

It definitely gets more entertaining though as we see her performing her 'duty'. The pace of this show suddenly becomes perfect as it sets up the mood for the end. I was biting my nails in anticipation as Saya stands in thatt pool of water with seemingly a stone statue as her opponent. That was scary lol.

I can definitely see where does Clamp comes in, in term of production. The character designs definitely reminds me of XXXholic. The fact that the director, Tsutomu Mizushima is also the director for that show definitely gives off the same vibes. These are good in my book though because it is something that I am familiar with, and makes me hoping that this will be as good as XXXholic if not better. However, I can see why this might turned people off too.

Like I said, I'm pretty biased with things that I like. Blood-C is definitely my kind of thing and I am so going to watch this, among 50 other shows that I am watching. Orz

arts and animation 8/10
story 8/10
characters 9/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 8/10


Strange, considering that I don't have any particular love for this show. Hrm. Maybe I'm in the minority. :/

I have caught up with the rest of the episode and there were few moments when I got scared. The last time I got scared watching anything was when I watched Mononoke. So it's all good for me.

I didn't know that many people who like this show though. Maybe /I/ am in the minority?

I like it. It starts off intentionally slow, and there is a big contrast between night and day activities. Some people didn't like that. I like it.

She's living two different lives. I'm surprised she's not emo like any other previous Saya

This is one of 3 shows I'm actually planning on watching.....this weekend I'm going to pray that there are no parties or friends to bother me. I need a weekend alone.

Can't wait to hear what you think about it Glo (hoping that we are on the same page)

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