13 August 2011

First Impression: Nekogami Yaoyorozu

Most often than not, I find any anime with neko as the theme as predictable and full of moe. Those are among the elements of anime that I dislike the most. However, I will (try) not to watch this show with that kind of a mindset. After all, there is always a first, right?

Here I am hoping that I have a great tolerance for the neko.

Shamo gotta be my favorite nekogami so far

Mayu, a rebellious and troublesome nekogami (cat god) was banished from Tamagakahara and her divine power was stripped off by his mother and thus was sent to earth until she repents. It has been 4 years but she is still banished. She lives with Yuzu and the show hasn't revealed how she ended up with her.

She's not the only god around though, there are several other gods wandering around the city and in this first episode, we are introduced to Gonta, God of Harvest, Sasana, the future wife of Mayu (lol she was determined to be a gay nekogami since child), Meiko the rival of Sasana, and Shamo, the God of Poverty.

Guess what, it seems like I do have great tolerance for the neko. They aren't as annoying as most archtype neko characters are, each with their own distinguishable personality to match. I can't say that it blows my fucking socks off but it wasn't terribad either. Having said that I'm not sure I have the time to leisurely watch this every week. We will have to see since at the moment I have 55 anime on my currently watching list.

arts & animation 7/10
story 7/10
characters 7/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 7/10


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