05 August 2011

First Impression: Mayo Chiki

I made a mistake of searching the fanarts for this post before I watch the episode. One look at those fanarts, it reminds me of what I read in the synopsis and thus I am already biased about it and not in a good way too >_>

(c) kikuchi seiji

Anyhoo, let's just get this done and over with, shall we?

Easier said than done. 2 minutes and 55 seconds in, I am already pissed off with everything I saw because it is just too damn predictable. Let see... we have Kinjirou, a fucking doormat who is the only guy in the school who is not affected by Kanade. Kanade is the rich bitch who has a female butler pretending to be a guy, and she brings her everywhere, even at school. Kinjirou will discovers Subaru's little secret by accident and for the first few episodes there will be riot before these two eventually fall in love.

But that would be too straightforward you say? How about the people around Kinjirou think that he is gay because he doesn't talk to girls (when in truth, he's traumatized by the rigorous training his sister put him up for every morning). So when he does get close to Subaru, they confirm the rumor is indeed true and he fights hard not to fall for Subaru because of that but will only succumb to love in the end.

Urgh, cliche as fuck.

I would watch this if Kinjirou falls for Kanade instead. That would at least be a tad unpredictable and more fun to watch. Or they can have a threesome. I'm fine with that as well.

And that accident that I talked about earlier, apparently it first happens in the boys bathroom. Who the fuck take a shit without locking the door? Subaru the dumpshit does! FUCK I'M RAGING!

The fact that Kinjirou wears a megane can't even makes me like this shit even for a second.

Fuck this. I'm quitting this shit at 6 minutes and 37 seconds.

arts and animation 6/10
story 4/10
characters 5/10
sound 4/10
enjoyment 2/10
overall 4/10


Cliched at hell, for sure.But there's lots of fun to be had in shows like this. This is why I don't really rate episodes based on a score, but just type about it. More fun and retardedness for everyone all over then. :D

Yay, for senseless ranting and fun.

I tried. I usually can do it (like with Ladies vs Butlers) but if it comes to something that I just can't stand, my rant will just be about my rage and I doubt it will be any fun. Definitely not fun for my end lol

Some anime just aren't meant for certain people. I don't think I'd enjoy this either, being a stereotypical harem-vibe ecchi anime.

Oh yeah, how can I not notice the ecchi? >_<

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