04 August 2011

Super Junior Mr. Simple Official Music Video

I have been waiting since forever for this album, the 5th album of Super Junior. I am only recently becomes a fan of this group so I missed the excitement of waiting for the last four album of theirs. Well, at least I did get to experience the thrill of waiting for Super Junior M Perfection to be released. That in itself was freaking awesome.

So here it is Super Junior official music video that was launch only 10 minutes ago ^__^

It just feels so much better knowing more people who are as fanatic as I am (thought not as crazy as the ELF) to share my joy. Now I can't freaking wait for Super Show 4!!

p/s: This post is totally for my own fapping pleasure


It's a pretty good song, and they're quite the good looking men.

Can't help but smile at the post script.

I am not usually that passionate when it comes to music or band/group/singer but that all changed when I get to know about these men.

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