08 August 2011

First Impression: Dantalian no Shoka

Is it just me or is the first few seconds of Dantalian no Shoka sounds like a woman having sex? Turns out, it wasn't even a woman but a small boy *facepalm*

Dantalian no Shoka is a place who-the-hell-knows somewhere in the universe or in your imagination. That's where the episode started which is fitting I guess otherwise the explanation for it will drag on forever. It's also where the small version of our protagonist, Hugh Anthony Disward, met Dalian for the first time.

(c) G Yuusuke

Fast forward a few years, Huey is all grown up and is a fine good looking young man. One day he received a letter of his dead grandfather who was a book-lover. In order for him to inherit the place, he has to take responsibility of Dantalian no Shoka. To be honest, I envy him. I wish someone would leave me a mansion full of books as well. That would be heaven on earth and I don't have to step out of the house ever again. Anyhoo, all the books in the mansion were moved to the basement where he once again meet Dalian, who his grandfather wants him to take care of.

Huey has no recollection of Dantalian no Shoka and he's pretty skeptical when Dalian tells him what it could mean. He is not a believer of fairy tale at all. Not even when Dalian told him that Conrad killed his grandfather for he believed that his grandfather was killed by a burglar. Conrad stole a Phantom Book and the content of that book came to life and murdered the household.

I was pretty surprised at how sharp and fluid the animation is when the characters from the book appeared and started attacking Huey and Dalian. I guess I am underestimating Gainax too much. Thank goodness that Huey is somewhat has skill with gun so that he can saved both of their asses but not from dragon though. This is when Dalian shows her true self.

The mysterious key that Huey has with him can open the lock on Dalian's chest. Since Dalian acknowledge him as the keykeeper, he gets to use the power of Dantalian no Shoka. For every problem, it will produce a genuine grimoire for Huey to read which will destroy the thus solved the problem.

Watching Dantalian no Shoka is kinda dejavu. This show reminds me of the book Inkheart (and it's series) where characters come to the real world and will most definitely create havoc. I love that book. I can't say the same thing about this show though. I need to watch a few more episodes before I made up my mind.

art and animation 7/10
story 6/10
characters 5/10
sound 5/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 6/10


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