02 August 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 16

Ao no Exorcist is making a habit of having a flashback now? Is it necessary? *raises eyebrow questionably at A1-Pictures* I guess the studio is trying to reinforce the fact that this show is a shounen show *shrugs*

Anyhoo, glad to report that Amaimon is still around. He's escaped from the cuckoo clock after Rin destroyed it. Mephisto on the other hand is still having fun with Rin who has lost control of his flames. Even the demon-slaying sword can't fully contained the surges of his power.

And I am totally pissed when Shiemi runs into his arms and calms him down. Nu'uh, that didn't just happen, did it? That's too fucking cliche goddammit!

I have lost a little respect for Rin now. Thanks for that, Shiemi >=(

The whole shenanigans were witnessed by Authur Auguste Angel, the higher up of the higher up of the Vatican (his designation is too fucking long if you asked me). He can just called himself Paladin and saves us the trouble, right? Basically he's everyone's boss thus he can afford to look like a narcissist bastard XD

He doesn't waste anytime to exterminate the unconscious Rin. Even though Shura tries to stop him, she is no match for the new Paladin. Seems like he doesn't like Fujimoto too much. He doesn't like Mephisto either. He's the kind of man who always follows the rule and the Grigori orders him to bring Mephisto to court for an investigation. At least this save Rin from getting killed.

Like every other episode, it saddens me looking at Yukio who is once again gets belittled by the adults and is left of out the loop. All he can do is tell his student the truth. There's no way to hide it anyway, even Mephisto is telling the absolute truth in court. He told them that Fujimoto is raising Rin so he can be a weapon against Satan. Of course Angel refused to believe such crap.

As the proceeding continues, Amaimon comes for a visit. He is still pissed that Rin defeated him and refused to give up. A pissed off Amaimon is a pissed off demon. He becomes the Hulk. Mephisto takes the opportunity to convince the order of the power of the son of Satan. In other words, this is kind of a match to the death for Amaimon and Rin. But I don't want to see either of them dead :(

No, it's the Incredible Hulk >_>

At the academy, we found out that the Kurikara sword is an heirloom of Suguro's temple. It has crack which mean it can't hold Rin's power anymore but they can bring it to Yoshikuni, where the sword was forged and get it fixed thus helping Rin back to "normal" again. Even though Koneko is against helping the son of Satan, they still go to Yoshikuni and meet the 11th descendent, a female sword-smith who totally has crushed on Suguro. In order to fix it, they need some kind of a demon jewel. It just so happened that Suguro's temple has a nail of some kind that was left when Satan attacked the place.

Little that they know that the temple has been taken over by demons who instill doubts in their heart. Thank goodness that Yukio is not that easily swayed so the demons are easily taken care of and they successfully get the nail.

so serious ♥

And that concludes the episode for this week.

I am still unsure which side Mephisto is on. I want him to be the bad guy but at the same time would be really fun if he is not. However the fact that he's gambling the lives of Amaimon and Rin does not sits well with me.

Next week should be epic. Lets hope it will not disappoint.


I like Mephisto's bad-assery so much now. Only he can troll both the demons and exorcists at the same time.

I wonder if we ever going to see Mephisto himself fights Rin. That would have been so bad ass though the outcome would probably be biased towards Rin >_>

Now we are finally getting to what I thought this show was gonna be like all along. Better late than never.

this one is definitely getting the second season. the filler-ish episodes were because of the manga I reckoned since it's still relatively new and thus they can't dive straight in with the plot or else they ran out of chapters to adapt. But yeah, better late than never :)

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