18 August 2011

Bleach: Chapter 460

After a week of absence, Bleach is back with a color spread! Appropriately so too because Bleach is celebrating it's 10th year anniversary. Can you believe that? It has been 10 years since I first read the first chapter and still looking forward to read more chapters. What really got me excited though is the fact that Rukia and Ichigo get another colored spread together, AGAIN! woooot! and lol my hair cut is exactly like hers even though I cut it a week earlier then chapter 459 :3

Never is right, Kubo ♥

But on to the story!

Let's be honest now... do not lie to me and said that you didn't miss moments of Rukia knocking some sense into Ichigo's head in the most literal way. I've said this a lot, and I will say it again. Only Rukia has that kind of power over Ichigo. Other people have tried but they all phailed which was why we see Ichigo so flustered and not acting like his usual confident self lately.

I couldn't stop giggling. This feeling of 'fuwa fuwa' ♥

Rukia certainly doesn't waste any time to shape Ichigo back to who he is. It's just like she said. Even if Tsukishima changed the past, there is nothing that he can do about the future which mean he can start fresh with his friends and family and rebuild the bond between them. Ah Rukia, always so wise.

As expected, Rukia did give Ichigo part of his shinigami power again, thanks to the zanpaktou that Urahara made especially for the occasion. I hope this time around Soul Society will not punish her for transferring her shinigami power to a human, even if that human is Ichigo. Otherwise Bleach will goes on an infinity loop. Not that I am complaining. If it's up to me, I don't ever want Bleach to end.

But I was worried over nothing for Rukia doesn't comes alone. She does not only bring Urahara and Isshin with her, but one third the usual casts of Soul Society.

Byakuya looks mighty fine, isn't he? *drools*

Needless to say, I jizz in my pantsu when who else appeared but the best captains and vice captains of Soul Society (although Mayuri is definitely > Hitsugaya). Apparently these shinigamis have chipped in their reiatsu into the zanpaktou. This explains why Rukia wasn't stripped of her power like the last time.

What I don't get it, if it is this easy to return the shinigami powers to Ichigo, then why don't they do it since the beginning? Also, why can't they just do it before Ginjou get to his family and friends? I just don't understand how Isshin let Tsukishima tempered with Karin and Yuzu's memories. That is just whacked.

Or maybe they purposely let Ginjou fucked with Ichigo just to test him out. Rukia did mention something about despair that Ichigo has conquered. I would like to believe that his despair has something to do with the possibility of not seeing her again (and I do believe that with all my heart) but lets just go with the public consensus: the despair of not being able to protect those around him.

Ginjou sure looks like he just shits in his pantsu when he sees the shinigami. He kind lost it when Ichigo attacks him. He must have never seen Ichigo in his full glory otherwise he wouldn't be so fucking stupid to belittle him.

Ginjou is so gonna get fried!

So this week's chapter definitely makes me a happy fan simply because of Rukia and the returns of the shinigami. I told you that Bleach is less colorful and less exciting dealing with mundane shit of the real world. Fullbring and what not... that was just lame. Bleach needs the shinigami and this chapter just proved my point.

I wanna compliment Kubo for his effort. Hopefully the story will take a more interesting direction from now on, at long last.

Reading this chapter feels like old times :)

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


I didn't even pay much attention to the cover. Damn Bleach has been around for a decade already eh? Well despite the recent crapiness it's still a pretty big accomplishment lasting 10 years on Shounen Jump.

I hope Ginjou and Tsukishima put up a respective fight before Ichigo finally stomps them. One of the reasons is that it makes the stomping more satisfying. What's the fun in stomping some weaklings?

It now occurs to me that this transfer of powers through stabbing thing is metaphorical intercourse.

Tsukishima or at least Ginjou definitely has to put up a good fight just because that will at least salvage this stupid arc. On the other hands, I want this arc to be done and over with as soon as possible.

@Baka-Raptor, why do you think I am overly excited when I think of Rukia doing the stabbing? lol

yey!!! it really feels just like the old times! i do believe that the shinigamis are vital to bleach and it's just right to bring them back!! OMG BYAKUYA! I JUST MELTED...

"literally knocking" some sense into ichigo by rukia.. gah! I missed that! well, what can i say, i'm quite satisfied. :D

Satisfaction > 9000!

That's how fucking biased I am ^___^

haha! same here!!! :DDDD

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