04 August 2011

Bleach: Chapter 459

I said I don't want to read the latest chapter of Bleach now. I want to wait till I wake up next morning but nooooooo..... everyone thinks I should read it NIAO. People are pestering me non-stop on facebook, skype and twitter, both by friends and strangers alike.

I succumb to temptation and persuasion and read it. NIAO. Fuck you. This better be good.

The chapter starts with Ishida recalling the attack from Tsukishima. No wonder Ginjou finally shown Ichigo his true self. Apparently he was also involved in that attack. Since Ishida recognized his face, there was no way of hiding the truth anymore.

asshole has a new face

Remember that Ichigo was stabbed in the chest in the last chapter by Ginjou's sword. He anticipates something to happen when he removes his sword and something did happen. Ichigo reverts back to being a normal kid. His fullbring disappears and the badge returns.

It's only now that Ichigo realizes his quest for power has blinded him. He seeks the only available path that is given to him. He never bothers to try to find other paths to walk on. I mean, he has Urahara and his father... I'm sure they would not harm him or his family/friends. Oh Ichigo, you are so lost without Rukia, aren't you? :3

It's kinda sad to see Ichigo so dejected but he causes this problem all on his own. If he has trust in Urahara, this would never happened. So when he begs Ginjou to give him his power back, Ginjou just snickers and doesn't even bother to humor him.

If Ginjou thinks Ichigo is done for, he better thinks again. He forgets that this is Ichigo that he's dealing with, the boy who has one of the most plotkai in shounen history.


Yep, Ichigo got stabbed in the chest again (third time is the charm, I guess). I thought Tsukishima did that but guess who? Urahara and Isshin to the rescue!

Poor Ichigo, he must be so freaking confused right now

They are not the only one though. Remember that mysterious shinigami? Yup, Kubo finally decides to reveal who s/he is and just like I thought, it is who I thought it would be from the very beginning -


I screamed and squealed. It's almost 2am and I don't give a rat ass about my neighbors. They can call the cops if they want to. Rukia is a a fukutaicho now!! w00t!!

There can be no other shinigami that can gives him his shinigami power back other than Rukia. It just won't be right. Can I say that I might be happier than Ichigo to see her back? Fuck, I need to change my pantsu after I write this post. It fucking soaked. Gosh, Rukia, I missed you so much ♥

awww you can stop the tears now, Ichigo

Just like in the first chapter where Rukia stabbed him, same shit happens again. Ichigo definitely doesn't expect that to happen but I'm sure he will show his gratitude for her in some other lewd way later. At the moment, he finally gets what he has been longing for this past 17th months; his shinigami power.

Ginjou and Tsukishima most certainly don't expect that. Looks who is in trouble now, ladies and gentlemen. lol

new shikakusho and new zanpaktou... *faps*

I fucking punched the air and squealed for all I am worth when I saw that zanpaktou of his. Gah this is too oldskool for me not to get excited about it. He only looks good and so damn hot when he is in shikakusho, right?

Now I don't give a flying fuck about this arc anymore just because my Rukia is back. This whole chapter can be made out of shit for all I care but since Rukia is back, everything is smelling like dandelion to me at the moment. Like Mushyrulez said, Bleach can end here on an infinite loop and I am still fine with it. That's how fucking biased I am.

There's a reason why Mushyrulez said that though. The title of this chapter is the same with the first chapter of Bleach: Death & Strawberry (2). I like the fact that Kubo is reinforcing IchiRuki oh so subtly.

Kubo... it has been a while since I'm this freaking excited about Bleach. Thank you for bringing Rukia back. I hate you less now :)

Ah life is good ^____^

Thanks to those who were adamant that I read this without delay. I owe you one.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Weee!!! Very HAPPY that RUKIA is finally back to kick lots of butts!!!! hahaha!!! Oh I just missed her so much!!! And I was like, refreshing this page every 10 seconds anticipating your new BLOG!!! haha!!!

i quite fancy the fact that kubo is a freakin' ichiruki shipper. though his plot sometimes(?) suck, just like you said, now that Rukia (now a fukutaichou!! yey! SHE DESERVES IT!)is back, fuck everything else. i'm HAPPY!


lmao I am still so freaking high from this chapter. I don't think I can sleep anytime soon. Not with this much excitement! Also, thank you... it surprised me at how many fanboys/fangirls that actually give a fuck about what I think of Bleach week after week, either through this blog or facebook, skype, twitter. It made my day. So thank you :)

OMG same here! Can't sleep! so happy! Actually, to tell you the truth, it's been part of my weekly routine that after reading bleach I would visit your blog. it's been fun reading your reviews!

seriously, it's really nice to know that someone whom i haven't even met in person (not to mention from another part of this world!) would share the same hobbies and views that i have, and that makes me overjoyed! Thanks Klux! Thanks for giving a damn and reading my comments! I really appreciate it! keep up the good job btw! :DD

I freaking loved this chapter but I have to admit I cried when I saw Ichigo looking at his dad. But at least Rukia is back! ^_^ Take that Orihime! Also I think some of Ichigo's Fullbring Powers fused to his Shinigami Powers.

Don't be surprised if klux gets her hair cut.

@baka raptor: already did XD

@Marie, I'm honored :)

@Anon, there are other Anon from France who likes Orihime. I'm getting confused. Just use your name the next time you decides to visit so we get to know each other better. We are Bleachtards anyway. Also, I think it would be lame to have him both fullbring and shinigami powers on top of his hollow power (yes I still believe Shirosaki is still around) but i wouldn't put it pass Kubo to fuse them all >_>

i loove your blog and chap. 459!! <3 i actually cried while downloading the page AND when i read it! Haaaaa.. The true Bleach Spirit is baackk! Yey! :)

oh, and suck that up, Orihime! Now, Rukia can kick MORE a**es and is a gazillion times hotter than Orihime!!! Bwahahahaha! :x

Sorry Klux i'm the anon from earlier. But I can't stand Orihime especially now that Tsukishima brainwashed her. I also want to see how Chad, Dumb Orihime, and Uryu react to the return of Rukia and Ichigo's Shinigami powers maybe that will slap Chad and Orihime back to normal.


He loses his power then gets it back? All these loopholes and deus ex machinas are getting to me.

Chest stab = power up for Ichigo. Bleach at its best at being Bleach ahahaha. Plot is a bit nonsensical, but in exchange we get Rukia!

@IchirukiOLOGY somebody from facebook spoiled me by telling me that Ichigo got his power back. Even though i expect Rukia to be the mysterious shinigami, I still wet my pantsu when the page loaded completely. She /is/ Bleach.

It's okay core6790. Thanks for coming back btw heh. I wanna say that they (whorehime, chad and Ishida) probably can't see Rukia since she's in spirit form but then I remember that only Ichigo lost his power. Whorehime/Chad would probably be against Rukia/Ichigo/ishida since their brains are still fried by Tsukishima's power. It would be great if they are the fatal casualties from this stupid arc.

@Tomphile, I thought we are already know that he's going to get his shinigami powers back. This arc is dedicated to that after all. Bleach is full of loopholes. Bleach is created by Kubo after all. I hope he will, from now on, fill in that loop holes or I fill his ass with something painful instead.

lol TJ, yeah the return of Rukia makes me forgives Kubo. I hope she stays for good and more shinigami will follow suit :)

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