06 July 2011

First Impression: Sacred Seven

This is the show that reminds me of Star Driver and perhaps the only motivation I have at the moment to watch it. Hopefully it will not crush my expectation (too badly).

One day, a ship was blown at sea and our unfortunate protagonist saw it from afar. There was Medusa in that ship and with his power, he kinda put his eyes on Alma Tandoji (that's the name of our male protagonist). It is all good though until a bunch of maids blocked the road. I mean, what the fuck with that get up? How the fuck am I supposed to take this show seriously now?


Sadly that's when the story really starts. Ruri directly asks for Alma's help to defeat the monster. She awakens the power within him cliche as fuck. The monster obviously is after him so that just gives him the reason to run amok in the city and thus Alma will come forward as a hero that saves the city from destruction. I gotta say that I love his fighting armor suit. It's red and sleek. I was expecting something mecha but this is obviously better. When he's mad, he's fucking mad.

But Ruri ruins it for me. Once she gives him her gay heart-shaped stone, his armor turns to pussy. Fuck. Needless to say that pissed the hell out of me. Fuck. He can't do much in that gay suit armor of his especially when there are bigger fish to fry >=(

I certainly is not a fan of Ruri Aiba. Girls with giga drill breaker hair like her tend to stick to their archtype character and such character just doesn't do well with me. Then there's that butler of hers that is so like Sebastian it's not even funny. Alma is not a very social protagonist and at first it seems like people fear him for some reason. Awww, he is just misunderstood. Thankfully his classmate Wakana does not shy away from him. I like her right away.

The second half of the show gets me on edge and thus I am entertained. I am still not happy with the gay suit though. Certainly NOT HAPPY at all that Ruri bought the fucking school. She should die.

The show actually doesn't has that Star Driver to it. More like Tiger and Bunny if they attempted anything serious but thankfully it's totally different in term of how the show is carried and so on. It's made by Sunrise afer all. I'll watch this show until I can't take anymore crap from Ruri. Besides it looks like there's a character that I haven't officially meet yet and I think I'm gonna like him a lot.

art and animation 7
story 7
characters 7
sound 7
enjoyment 8
overall 7/10

p/s: also since I'm not a mecha guru, it's best to read Ghostlightning's post regarding this show. It will shed a new light, for sure.


Didn't like Alma all too much. He had that kind of self-loathing personality that's so prevalent these days.

He is your standard archtype character, so self-righteous. I can't wait to see him meet his arc enemy who unsurprisingly will end up being the student of that school too. That would be too fucked up.

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