02 July 2011

Bleach: Episode 294

I said I wanna stop watching Bleach but the temptation is too much. So here I am many moons later watching episode 294. Watching the first few seconds of this episode reminds me why I didn't feel like watching back then.


I fucking hate that old fuck.

And of course there's Hitsugaya who thinks he has successfully kills Aizen. Everyone else believe what their eyes see too. *facepalm*

They are underestimating Aizen way too much.

I couldn't help but lol'd when they found out it was Hinomori who has been stabbed. That was awesome. I fucking hate that bitch too. Reading what I wrote in the last episode, I just keep on lolling. This is fun! Why did I stop doing this again?

I don't know why they are getting mad at Aizen after that. Shouldn't they be mad at themselves for being so stupid and gullible? And they called themselves Captain of the Gotei 13. Pffttt!

Oh shit this is bad. When Toushiro lost it, I couldn't stop cackling. This isn't supposed to be funny but if you look at the context, you'll get why did I find this so fucking hilarious. He has fallen too many times to Aizen's taunting words. The same goes to everyone else. It's just plain pathetic now to see them getting cut off by Aizen like a mere flies. I mean, how the fuck can the gap be too big?

Just imagine how Ichigo would feel just about now? Knowing that all these captains with thousand of years of experience failed to inflict even the smallest injury to Aizen and yet they expect him to fucking defeat him alone. That just ain't fair ladies and gentleman.

I remember how some people got excited when the old fuck appeared with that blazing flame of his. I knew better though. He's fucking useless. He won't be able to take out Aizen by himself. His ego even allowed him to think that he might take Aizen down with him if he sacrifices himself. If you asked me, the old fuck is getting senile.

He didn't count the possibility that Aizen might have came up with something to defeat Ryujjin Jakka, which he did. His name is Wonderweiss. Oh yeah, the old fuck is fucked up now. Imagine him being done in by a fucking retard.

how am I to take him seriously looking like that?

It was priceless to see the old fuck getting defeat by Aizen's genius plan. So next week are we finally going to see Ichigo goes after Aizen?

*shrugs* I can't remember the details but I already know how the story goes.

Oh goes, never heard of this ED before! Also, I get to see Rukia again albeit only for less than a minute. Glad that I pick this up again.

just because I think he looks hot

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