20 October 2010

Bleach: Episode 293

And so the diabolical quality continued >>

I expect Toushiro to hold it together but he was easily taunted by Aizen's word. I can't blame him though. Despite the rank he is still relatively young in term of shinigami's life span. As always, I found the confidence unfounded. They are against Aizen after all. Despite them coming to him at once, they still couldn't harm him.

It is annoyingly illogical but since Kubo has set the shit up like this since 8 years ago, it would actually be more illogical if any of these guys can scratch him. Any of them except Ichigo that is because he's the protagonist and this is a shounen after all.

But Gin (squeals) explained it perfectly. Aizen is not only a genius who happens to have a fearsome zanpaktou, he is also fucking strong otherwise why would the espada accept a shinigami to rule them?

I did enjoy the fighting scene (can you even call it a fighting? It was so one sided) and to see the most powerful captains and vaizards dropping like flies. It's damn funneh, depends on how you look at it.

It was also more than fun to finally seen true fear in Ichigo's eyes as he saw them falling one by one. He must be so scared that he can piss in his pants right now. More interestingly, he's not the only one. Did you see Soi Fon's face? LOL a death god who is afraid of death. How ironic.

I bet the non-manga reader is pissing in their pants for different reason though. To see Aizen getting stabbed and tricked by those captains must have made their day somehow. It made my day of how knowing how incredibly disappointed they will be when they found out what actually had happened.

I was lolling off my chair to be exact. The fact that it was Hinamori again who has been used as a decoy kinda the joke of the day. Poor Momo, she truly is useless. Poor Toushiro for killing the only person he wanted to protect. He must be traumatized by the event after this. Poor Ichigo having to witness the butchery but shouldn't he said something before it was too late? LMFAO Ichigo, you amuses me sometimes.

How can the fucking Gotei 13 captains/vaizards fucking believe Aizen when he said he will not used his zanpaktou? How fucking naive can they be? Jeebus... the captains really are stupid. I bet if Byakuya is around, things would have turned out differently.

I have to forgive the production team as the quality towards the end kinda improved. It sure makes me want to shove something up that fucking smirking Aizen.

But you gotta hand it to him. His plan is flawless.

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i have to agree with you his plan was just amazing and they were too stupid to see that if he got into the squad and and a strong captain if he betrayed you once what makes you think that he wont do it again and they weren't really rushing him if you want to take someone down you keeping hitting them don't stop no matter what and toshiro poor poor toshiro killing momo when you wanted to protect her but they wont kill her off she is like indestructible she has gotten stabbed twice and has been in a coma but through all that she still didn't die.

Urgh, don't remind me. I really want her to be dead though. It is just ridiculous how she always managed to survive.

Momo has Plotkai instead of a Bankai. That's why she survives all the time. :|

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