24 June 2011

Ano Hana: Episode 10

Aight I'm all buckled up. Lets get this over with. I hope my emotionally depressed state won't make this post too biased (lol but then again, all my posts have been biased regardless).

And I am greeted by Tsururu saying how much it hurts. That is just... not good for me at all. Not with the condition I'm in now. I can't stop the water works now dammit.

I want to hug everyone in this show (except for Menma and Jintan) because they don't get the opportunity to be loved back by the people they fall in love with. That just hurt as fuck, and even saying that is an understatement.

be strong, Tsururu-chan *pat pat*

Poppo too, who we seemingly see has no problem, begins to open up, saying that these four guys were the only one who lets him in but he was still just a bystander after all. There are just too many shits that are thrown around behind closed door.

Tsururu reminds Yukiatsu of what Menma said over the phone on the day of her death. Like I said before, it was something that they must do for Jintan. This show after all evolve around these two characters.

They celebrate their last night together at Poppo who selfishly throws a party for the DEAD Menma. I think that creeps me out a little but whatever. Everyone shows up but the jovial atmosphere is ruined when Yukiatsu suggests that they re-create the incident of Jintan so adamantly denying his feelings to Menma when they were kids. I said ruined but in truth I adore him for suggesting that. The time has come for everyone to lay out their feelings in the open and get all these bottled up feelings burst just like the firework they planned to ignite tomorrow.

As expected Jintan is not happy at all. Even at this time, he still wants to hide his feelings and makes everyone around him miserable. But he is cornered and since he doesn't have any choice, Jintan finally said those feelings we already know about since episode 1. Still, he tries to run away only to be stopped by Poppo. Jeebus, I thought he's done being a coward.

there, that wasn't so hard now, was it?

Thank you Yukiatsu for clearing things up. At least now everyone can move on, even Tsururu who finally confessed her feelings for Yukiatsu to Anaru. That indefinitely kill all possibility of Yukiatsu and Anaru. Can't say that I am not disappointed but hey, these three kids have gone through a lot because of a DEAD Menma, I can't be too cruel to Tsururu now, can I? Then Tsururu says something that just stabs through my heart.

She's right. There can be no replacement for the one you loved because he/she will forever be part of yourself. Past events what mold us to who we are today so if we replaced someone, that would utterly altered everything. All you can do is opens up your heart to receive new love that comes by in your life. It might be hard but it is not impossible, with time everything will heal, eventually. I said this, but I of all people know it is easier said than done.

Which is why I'm pissed off with Jintan more than ever now. He has the gall to suggest to Menma that she can stay by his side forever, after all the others have gone through to reach this point. Are you still going to say that he's not selfish, Hogart?

bad Jintan, bad Jintan!

Thank goodness Menma isn't as selfish. She still wants to go to heaven so that she can be reborn and talk normally with the others. Heh, that was a great blow to Jintan's ego. He thought that he's all that Menma needs. She gets all these ideas from what Jintan's mom told her before. And with that I think she finally remembers what her wish is. Bass was right, it has something to do with Jintan's mom after all.

Thank goodness too that the others aren't so weak minded and can read Jintan like an open book, especially Yukiatsu so he would definitely not going to let Jintan waste their efforts because that's was all he has in his mind: to stop Menma from going to heaven.

But seriously, I've said before that whoever idea it is (poppo) that the fireworks will send Menma to heaven is just... too farfetched. It can never work otherwise people just have to but tons of firework as ticket to go to heaven. Naturally Menma doesn't disappear when the fireworks were lighted up. She won't disappear as long as she doesn't tell what she wanted to tell Jintan back when they were kids, before she died and/or Jintan apologizing to her which he hasn't done yet.

The next and final episode would be one hell of an episode.

By the way, the kids send out invitation to Menma's family and with that unintentionally help the family to get together again as Menma's mom finally realizes how bad of a mother and a wife she has been to Satoshi and his husband respectively.

p/s: I lol'd when Yukiatsu starts talking to the wig. Oh man, that was priceless.

p/s/s: Tsururu looks cute with that new hair do.


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