28 June 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 10

Late entry because as of late I don't feel like watching anime at all. The only anime I watched for the last few days is Gintama. That's a tell tale sign that my mental health is deteriorating. But I know I have to buckle up and I think Ao no Exorcist is the perfect show to get me out of this slump. I want to watch the last episode of Ano Hana but I don't think I can handle anymore emotional distress at the moment. That just has to wait till I am ready.

The summer has already arrived in aoex world but that's secondary. This episode is about a familiar (a neko) who is lost since his last master had passed away. I bet everyone else can at least form a basic idea where this episode is heading. I am actually a tad disappointed at how predictable this episode is.

my face when

But this episode is not just about Kuro (the neko). It is also about Yukio losing a tad of his patience in dealing with his older twin brother. He's right though. Rin has been relying too much on his Satan's power thus they can't send him out on mission just yet. So it is up to Rin to prove that he can do much better than that.

Of course before he does that, he needs to bitch Yukio just to add some rather necessary drama to the story.


And that pretty much sums up the episode.

I won't stop here though. Apparently Kuro is actually Father Fujimoto familar. Father who? Rin and Yukio's dad you moron. Kuro runs amok after he found out about his death and naturally the exorcists are quick to "put him down". Rin obviously objects the idea since he can communicate with demons so he understand why Kuro lost control of himself. Why do I keep referring Kuro as a he? Shouldn't he be an it? Ah details, who the fuck cares.

Rin solves the problem by literally using his head.

I know I shouldn't be too pissed off with the fact that Rin manages to tame Kuro but I just can't help it. It gives this feeling like Yukio's ability has once again belittled by his action.

I dunno. Maybe I am just overly sensitive because of the shit I'm in. Or maybe I just like Yukio more than I like Rin thus I'm being biased as usual.

p/s: During this mission too that Rin finds out that his late father is actually the Paladin, the most highest rank in Exorcist.


WTF? Didn't this used to be an action series? In this episode Rin goes shopping, then makes friends with a cat. And the preview shows a beach episode is coming next. ??

yeah, I asked myself the same question. But the again the manga is ongoing so I'm not that angry. I know they are just gonna do the first arc for the anime anyway and they have at least 12 more episodes to go for that one. Having said that, I hope they pick up the pace after the mandatory beach episode.

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