16 June 2011

Bleach: Chapter 452

What the fuck? Ichigo's sight as expected has return, no doubt thanks to Inoue which only increase my rage for her character. Aside from that, his training with Ginjou is still ongoing. Even Inoue spends the night inside the game as Ginjou forces Ichigo to do hundreds of push-ups. Ginjou's reasons? Ichigo needs the stamina to use his full-bring. Thank goodness that makes sense. Kinda. He goes on telling Ichigo that he's getting his shinigami powers back and the fact that he saw Ginjou's reiatsu was the proof of that.

tell us something that we didn't know >_>

So now that Ginjou claims his full-bring is completed, time for Ichigo to test it. Needless to say, I want to slaughter Kubo when I see his full-bring form. It was fucking ridiculous. It reminds me of power ranger and Bass said that he looks like a some ho on a night out. What the fuck is up with the get up? Why didn't Ginjou get a change of wardrobe when he used his fullbring? Or yukio? This is stupid. This is not impressive Kubo. Where the fuck did you leave your brain at?

but like Bass said, he still looks hawt ^___^

It seems like Ichigo's zanpaktou gets smaller and shorter every time he gets an upgrade. Not cool at all. I missed the butter knife to some extend, especially since I just re-watch Fade to Black movie last night for the 13th time. Guess what? I still soaked my pantsu at the end of that movie. Awesome.

But that besides the point. Ichigo's fullbring will get a name too but Kubo decides to hold that information and let Ichigo go home for a change. Yuzu energetically welcome him home and says someone from the past has come visits. My heart leaps out of it cage for a moment because I fully believe that it will be Rukia. Unfortunately, Kubo wants to continue being an asshole and brings Tsukishima instead.

How the fuck did he convince the twin that he's their cousin. Did they really met him at their grandfather's funeral? Or is the twin are just too gullible?

For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.


i actually like short swords. they are more defensive, you don't have to kill them with it, but you don't have to die yourself.

they are still as deadly, I am sure. Just look at Ryougi Shiki ♥

Yeah it does look like a power ranger outfit. the look will probably take a bit getting used to, but it probably won't last long given how Kubo likes to give Ichigo a new costume every so often.

To be honest, I already grows on me but then again, I am always biased when it comes to Ichigo *blushes*

this outfit does look weird. it has its perks I suppose but...meeh. One thing I don't get, does he have shinigami powers back yet or not? he can't loose that awesome bankai cloak and I love Zangetsu in both forms. If they fuck with that, fuck them. Regarding outfit changes, well every fullbring is different. The dirty boots chick got one.

Also the bad guy probably used his odd powers to mess with Yuzu.

his shinigami powers are slowly returning I supposed and I have to agree about the look. I love Ichigo in a shikakusho and hopefully this change will not last long.

I missed Tensa.

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