17 June 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 9

There is a good reason why I am always late at watching Ao no Exorcist. While most of you guys watch the subs from gg, I wait patiently for horriblesubs version, which is released 6 days later. I just prefer the latter is all since it works for my VLC. My VLC keeps crashing when played the episodes from gg. Orz

Anyway, enough with the delay already. Lets get on with the episode!

Rin is about to tell Yukio about Snipe before Mephisto appears and sends him flying across the room. Of course he doesn't want Rin to say anything about Snipe. He's the fucking Voldermort. To cover the shit up, he pretends that everything was planned, and indeed all the teachers are around in hiding. Turns out the camp is also serves as the Exwire Authorization Exam.

The good news is, everyone passed the exam, even the two useless characters.

finally, some acknowledgement on these two characters and Rin's reaction when those two talked was priceless. LOL

Now that everyone has settled down, they start to ask questions, especially to Rin since he managed to defeat the ghoul alone without any backup. Some of them are even suspicious of him. It is to be expected though as he is such an enigma, or that's what the writer is trying to pull off. One thing for sure though, they are all thankful to Shiemi.

Speaking of Shiemi, she gets a visit from Yukio at her store and quickly goes to panic mode when she realizes that they are only the two of them inside the store, alone. LOL I guess even in anime, you just can't help but reacted like that when meeting your crush ^__^

I am so glad when they showed Yukio and Shiemi first meeting. Damn, and just like that Yukio/Shiemi is my newest OTP. I just love how meek these two are and yet such passion. Dazzling.

I am envious ♥_♥

Without Rin's knowledge, Yukio confronts Mr. Noihaus/Snipe. He wants to know what exactly was Snipe up to during the exam and is quite shocked when he learned that Snipe did so under the order of Mephisto. If Yukio is the "brake", then Snipe is the "accelerator". It warms my heart to know that Yukio does really care about his older twin brother :)

And thank goodness he's vigilant otherwise Snipe would have killed Rin in his sleep. Unfortunately he can't take care of Snipe's foul creatures alone and thank goodness Shiemi wakes Rin up just in time.

Turns out Snipe is one of the survivors of the Blue Night (remember Bon's back story?) and thus hold grudges to Satan. The attack on Rin however is totally personal and because of that Mephisto is releasing him from the "duty" and reassigned his brother to take over. Things should be really interesting from now onwards. Brilliant.


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