23 February 2011

Super Junior Super Show 3 is coming to Malaysia

Remember this post? A lot has happened since then. Back when I posted that post, I hardly know anything about the boys and at that time they all look the same to me. That is no longer the case. I have been obsessing about these boys after I saw this music video. It's You was the second single for their 3rd Album: Sorry, Sorry.

Eunhyuk was great ^_^

Once again, it all comes down to their dance moves. I mean that music video was a straight cut and the dances were pretty elaborated and they amazed me with their coordination. I'm more than impressed. I has become a fangirl.

But that didn't happened until January came though. That was when I found out that they were coming down to Singapore for Super Show 3. I nagged all my friends to accompany me to see the concert but my friends sucks. It's either they can't afford the ticket or their spouses won't let them go. It was moment like those that makes me glad I am unattached and is free to fucking do whatever I want. While I was stressing out about the concert, I found out that they are going to Malaysia in March and I was more than determined to go.

So I have been plotting on how to get the tix on the pre-sale day (which was last Saturday, February 19). You see, fangirl/boy are scary especially the ELF (see footnote). In Singapore, the tickets were sold out in one and a half hour during the pre-sale. They even overnight at the ticket launching place. That was hardcore.

I am not that crazy though but I was still worried about the long queue and getting myself a good seat so I did went an hour early and fuck the line was looooonnngggg. I learned the night before that the organizer will have a special queue for those with the Saranghaeyo Korea Club (SKC) card. It just so happened that I was queuing behind a bunch of girls who have that cards. Since I will be going to the concert alone and all, I stroke a conversation with them and asked if I could joined them for the concert. They readily agreed and that solved my problem. I no longer need to queue and just wait for them to come back with my ticket. It took me less than an hour ^_^. Some who has been queuing since 5am only got their tickets at 3pm or so. Jeebus...

Fucking Yosh!!

Turned out that those girls are ELFs as well so I would like to personally thanks Elf Ila, Elf Nurul and Elf Fiedza for helping me out with the ticket. I can't wait to see you guys at the concert.

In the mean time, I am going to continue with my obsession and shared my fan squealing moments with my sister who is green with envy that I will be going to Super Show 3. She wanted to go but her daughter is breastfeeding so obviously she can't neglect a child for the sake of SuJu. LOL if it was me, I totally can. Buahahaha

But anyway, there is less than a month before March 19 comes. Needless to say, I am stoked beyond words. Also, Super Junior M released their new music video two days ago. Here it is though I'm not a fan of the Mandarin version >>

I went to several concert before but this is the first concert that I actually took the trouble to go buy the ticket myself. Usually I just either bought online or asked my friend to buy it for me. I guess, in actuality I know I don't have much of an option. I know the online tix available would be for those lousy/restricted view seats and I couldn't possibly ask my friend to queue up for me. The experience was great.

Now all I need is my Sapphire Blue stick. If any ELF is reading this, please help guide me on how to get one for the Super Show 3. By the way, I hope Siwon is feeling better already and thank you RITS for organizing this concert for us fans ♥

footnote: ELF is an abbreviation for Ever Lasting Friends. They are the hardcore fans of Super Junior. They have been around since the group debuted and once you are an ELF, there is no turning back.


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