21 February 2011

Bleach: Chapter 437

Another late entry for Bleach chapter because I had to work outstation again last week and even though this time around I have means to get on the internet, I couldn't spare a time to read and write my thoughts about it.

A little recap: Ichigo managed to trigger his shinigami badge and it materialize into some sort of a swastika thingy which I found very cool and it would be awesome if he gets that kind of weapon instead of the usual zanpaktou.

Here's the logic according to Ginjou: For every battle that Ichigo fought, he carved the memories of said battle into the badge every time he was in contact with it and hence the badge remembers it as well. Sounds weak as shit but meh at least it kinda make some kind of sense. I am also happy that it remains as a swastika thingy though admittedly Ichigo will need some training to use it's potential to the fullest.

As expected, once he got the fight going, Ichigo immediately got hold of the situation and have no problem accessing the fight calmly. He really does shine in the midst of a battle I guess. I can feel him having fun.

The bad news is: he kinda use the same kind of trick. Even though Zangetsu has changed form, the basic is still the same so to kick Evil Mr. Pork Chop, he used Getsuga Tenshou. Urgh... why am I feeling so disappointed. Fuck you Kubo for being one lazy ass brotherfucker. Can't you think of something different? Jeebus!

And at the other side of the town, some punk threatened to kill Inoue. I thought he was there to confessed her crush or something but killing Inoue sounds good too.

We will either see Inoue kicking his ass (and thus Kubo shows us Inoue's character development) or we got one of the shinigami to help her (I going to say... Rukia just because).

At least we have something to look forward to in the incoming chapter.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


hi klux!! super missed you! haha!! yep... a dead inoue would be something to look forward, too! the way ichi's badge activated also activated the fangirl in me! damn! when will rukia really materialize? i miss her... O___o

oh yea, that stupid thing is way cooler than a giant sword or his badass bankai..... oh wait...

Stupid rasen-shuriken/DBZ Krillin's Destructo Disc cheap wannabe....

Thank god for that ending. Otherwise I would be lived

And by lived, I mean livid >_<

Good to see you hyper as always Marie and once again we both agreed that Inoue should be dead in the next chapter. That would make this rather dull manga interesting again. But... she could have live again as a shinigami. OTL

I miss Rukia too. I miss seeing Ichigo and Rukia interact because honestly I think those are the best moment of Bleach *fangirl squeal*

Oballer and Bass, I have a suggestion. Lets castrates Kubo. He doesn't need the balls anyway.

Doll House is a cool ability. The time thingy is also pretty unique. Most past shinigami's have always had cool powers. But why does Ichigo continue to get stuck with the boring hack-and-slash stuff?
Swastika is pretty cool though.

Actually hack and slash stuff are pretty hot if only Ichigo has different tricks up his sleeves. This is not Ichigo's fault. Kubo was being lazy, as always. RAGE

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