25 February 2011

First Impression: Sukisho

I first heard about this show when chronolynx mentioned it in her/his twitter. What got my attention however is the fact that s/he mentioned BL in the same sentence. Without delay I went looking for it. Basically what I am saying is I am watching this based on my trust in chronolynx and since it's BL I'm willing to tolerate it even if it turned out shit. I tolerated Junjou Romantica so this should be peachy.

Sukisho is obviously about two guys who is hot for each other but that is only the tips of the icebergs. Sora just got out of the hospital after falling down from the school window. He suffered from memory lost. During his absent, his old friend Nao returned and became his new roommate. Nao is bipolar or something. At night he called himself Ran but during the day he's known as Nao. Obviously this made Sora confused. What he doesn't know is, he has a bipolar personality as well named Yoru.

This story is not that simple it seems. They threw in many shits in the first episode and looks like the characters are more than just meet the eyes. At least I won't be disappointed with the characters development by the end of this show.

Sukisho was produced in Spring 2005 by Zexcs. Just with any other yaoi, I don't expect a strong plot or story line. However this show has provided more than what I have expected which is good. The quality of the art and animation were like the rest of the anime produced during those years. In my opinion, the character designs could be the biggest flaw of this show. The manga looks good but when it got animated, they look like just retards with weird hairdo. I don't like the fact that there are too many feminine looking male in the show either. I also think that the production team were trying too hard to make this show has the cuteness value by doing the chibi characters and all that. If you asked me, I would have instructed them to focus on the story instead of coming up with these useless tactics.


I am not that familiar with the seiyuu but Hikaru Midorikawa and Souuchirou Hoshi were not really outstanding with the characters. The OP was weak as well and I wasn't paying much attention to the BGM because it sounded the same as the other shoujo shit we heard. There's nothing creative about it. At least there was a slight improvement with the ED. I like how fast the track is.

Unless you are a hardcore BL fan like me, it would be wise for you to avoid this one. The only reason I'm going to continue watching this show is the prospect of this:


art & animation 6/10
story 6/10
characters 6/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 6/10


what the point of watching 2 dudes go at it if they look like chicks? c'mon man.

because I know that they have dicks. Now that I think about it, I might as well watch yuri...

haha well yea... but they are drawn like women... at least try to make them more manly and i am in. although twinks can be hot..... im torn.

More manly? It just so happened that I had yaoi for breakfast today and enjoyed it. Here's one of the dish I had:

that does look delicious. and those guys are def more manly.

I do prefer the real thing, however i feel the standards are a little low sometimes when choosing gay porn actors.

and now to surf around that site you kindly showed me.

*nods vigorously, understanding the problem you had with gay porn*

on a side not, gelbooru is awesome when it comes to shit not suitable for underage kids. Pixiv would have been awesome too if I understand Japanese >>

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