14 February 2011

Bleach: Chapter 436

Late review for the latest chapter of Bleach because I was away from home or any accessible internet last week. I hope this week's chapter is way better than the past couple of weeks.

I thought the dude looks handsome until I realized it was Sado. I changed my mind.

Kubo tried to make everything so suspenseful for the first few pages but in my opinion, he phailed miserably. We all know that Ichigo will always managed to get out of any situation. Apparently, Riruka combined with Giriko for Ichigo's training and the time limiter set was sort of Giriko's power. He set the condition for a certain situation and if the requirement is not met then everything that involved will be incinerated. He called his fullbring: "Time tells no lies". I wasn't impressed. It was fucking stupid.

The condition that he set for Ichigo's training is 30 minutes. I mean, seriously? The boy doesn't have a fucking clue how to bring out his fullbring power and he set 30 minutes or he'll be incinerated by the "flames of time"? Stop fucking kidding me, Kubo. This is shit because naturally Ichigo will be able to do so, which just doesn't make a fucking sense.

Needless to say, I'm fucking pissed off with this development. Not only Evil Mr. Porkchop has mutated to a fugly shit with multiple eyes, but Chad is interfering with the training by telling Ichigo what he should do to bring out the soul of his shinigami badge. That was seriously shit stuff, man.

I want to see Ichigo struggle but thanks to Sado he managed to figure out how to use the shinigami badge.


In the end, it was all right because...

*the ichiruki in me giggles*

Yes, despite the many instances, Rukia is obviously plays quite a prominent role in his life, whether as shinigami or a normal human being. And for that, I'm thankful to Kubo. The thought of Rukia obviously triggers the shinigami badge to activate. At the end of the chapter, I'm a happy fan ^_^

On a side note, why does Sado looks like he aged ten time faster? He looks like a man in his 30's =|

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


I keep telling you it's Evil Dr. Porkchop...
Anyways, yes! Hooray for IchiRuki! =D (although I think on capslock bleach they replaced that picture with one of Grimmjow...nwm...)
Also, when has Kubo EVER shown consistency with his drawings?

Leave it to Kubo to totally gimp out on a freaking colour cover page.

Seriously. That is just lazy.

Fine. Evil Dr. Porkchop it is then. Jeebus you're petty!

Bass, if the person in the color cover page is someone else... like Ulquiorra perhaps, then I'll go berserk but it's Chad so it's okay. He's allowed to be lazy :P

He prolly picked Chad just so he could be lazy.

I can read his mind >_<

Don't worry Bass. Most of us can because he's predictable. He's the fucking cliche.

I think that panel pretty much seals Rukia route ending.

Is still someone following it? It's getting tiresome after the continue reset and powerup. :|

What is Rukia route ending you were talking about Yi and as for you feal87, back off. I'm a crazy fan of Bleach.

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