03 February 2011

Bleach: Chapter 435

After the fuckery in the last chapter, I'm sure that this chapter won't be any better. Ichigo having to fight a bunch of stuffed animals is just...

exactly *facepalm*

I understand that Riruka can "invite" those she wants into the things she "loves". What I don't get it, how the fuck did she makes the stuffed animal some sort of alive.... wait. Don't answer that. It just came to me that fullbring is the ability to change something into something else. Apparently she stuffed a yakuza inside Mr. Pork -_-

The purpose of this training is to train draws out the fullbring ability from inside of Ichigo, without telling him shit how to do it. He has 15 minutes before the whole shit blow off a.k.a Mr. Pork will goes berserk.

Yeah right, Riruka... you do nasty things like that to something you love. You're mental.

Ichigo already thought of his shinigami representative badge but 15 minutes have passed so he'll face the wrath or Mr. Pork.

Heh, this reminds me of Mr. Pork-Chop from Toy Story =3

Like I said, another fuckery chapter...

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


I feel sorry for Ichigo for being stuck in this training arc.

I feel sorry for the rest of us for being stuck with this shitty stuff for years now :(

I thought Riruka's thing is actually kind of cool, but yea, another fuckery chapter.

I want her part to be over with as soon as possible.

While Riruka looked cute in this chapter, her fillery talk is getting on my nerves.

Poor Ichigo

First the bounto. Now this. Same shit really

Evil Dr. Porkchop. =P
I just want to see what kind of weapon his freaking badge will be (if it's another sword, I am going to Japan to choke Kubo's scrawny neck...)

good day! i just read bleach 436... ang i'm waiting or your blog regarding this!



I just got back from Indonesia. I'm on to it ASAP!

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