22 January 2011

My own cherry blossoms viewing

You know how the anime are crazy about cherry blossom viewing especially in shoujo type of anime (even in Gintama and it does reminds me of Byakuya as well) and often make a big deal about hanami. Since who knows when I will get a chance to go to Japan for flower viewing, I thought I will bring Japan and hanami to me.

On my last trip to Kuala Lumpur a week ago, I was fortunate enough to find a cherry blossom for me to bring home.

A week ago

Obviously I can't sit and have a picnic under the tree but hey I still got to sit in a chair besides it *chuckles*. It was calming in a way to slowly see the bud blooming so I can understand why the Japanese looking forward to it. I feel like inviting my friends over so we can watch it bloom together but unfortunately they won't get it.

My cherry blossom is the most common type of cultivated sakura: Oshimazakura with a pretty color of kanzan.


Somehow, I got the Chinese New Year vibe looking at the above picture. Go figure. So I guess, even though this is a tad early, I want to wish all my Chinese friends a merry Chinese New Year. It's the year of the rabbit and every time I think of rabbit, I think of usagi and every time I think of usagi, I ended up watching Sensitive Pornograph. Awesome XD

They say hanami means the Spring has comes. However, because I live in the equator area of this earth, that means shit ^__^

By the way, anyone has any idea for how long will they bloom?

I want to experience this someday :3
(c) ymr


That is really impressive and the color is perfect for you :)
I am sorry your RL friends didn't get it about I and many around here surely do.
I wonder how tall it would grow if you plant it on the ground?

Pretty tall I assumed. It already has a child of it's own at the moment :P. Unfortunately I don't have a land to plant it on. Curses.

For some dumb reason....probably because I'm obsessed with DDR, all I can think of from this post is this:


GAH! I love it!

It made a lot of sense It reminds me of Samurai Jack

I'm born in the year of the bunny. Thanks for the wishes for prosperous year and hope your sakura isn't as annoying as the one from Naruto. ^0^

ooh clever! Iseewhatyoudidthar XD

The tree looks lovely. And I get a Chinese New Year vibe from it too. Anyway, here's an early happy Chinese New Year under the cherry blossom~ ^ ^

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