02 September 2010

Bleach: Chapter 418

I found it hilarious that none of us really bothered by the fact that Ichigo has "lost" his reiatsu. It was all so damn predictable. Aizen confirmed this when he theorized that Ichigo has turned his reiatsu into raw physical power. Sounds plausible.

And obviously Aizen will be a dick about this one. Jeebus, just get on with the fight you butterfly fag.


So he grew few more set of wings. How does that made him stronger? *shakes my head at Kubo's fucked up logic*

Interestingly after half way through the chapter, Aizen was the only one doing all the talking. Ichigo just stood there and looked at Aizen with this unfathomable boredom. Man, I can't fucking wait for this fight to be over. It was supposed to be super exciting but Kubo's sense of excitement has been screwed over thus we were presented with this bullshit instead.

I still remember the days Aizen's faggots keep on having a b0nar for him whenever they think of how Aizen stopped a zanpaktou with merely one finger. I think those faggots will weep when they saw this:

Aizen of course, shits in his pants when Ichigo stopped his strike so easily. Only then, after 15 pages, that Ichigo opened his mouth to taunt Aizen. Even then Aizen couldn't stop his words diarrhea. He kept on shitting through his mouth.

He made me feel sorry for him.

Especially when his super-duper kidou not working on Ichigo either. He simply moved his hand and the black coffin kidou shattered to pieces.

Ichigo has definitely grows stronger than Aizen at the moment. Time for counter attack (and looking so mighty hot while doing it too)!

Although I'm happy, I do noticed that this is such a huge plotkai for Ichigo.

Fuck you Kubo.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Why "Fuck you Kubo"?

Do I need a reason? :P

but yeah, it was because of the plotkai. I expect good explanation (in flashback) as to how Ichigo suddenly get stronger than Aizen (it's fucking Aizen, ho!) in just couple of hours (well technically in hundred of years, but who counting -__-).

I think they will explain it.

I want to see more too. Sangetsu, avobe all. Maybe the new arc will be about this... who knows.

yeah the only reason why I'm excited about the flashback is to see Tensa. He's my new Ulquiorra :P

i hate this i really hate this... i am uber powerful and i am going to talk about how strong i am and i am going to defeat you in a single instant but i'll listen to you and how strong you are and your entire backstory and i'll let you hit me a few times etc. then i'll instantly kill you like i said before but later.

*chuckles* rules of thumb for shounen it seems.

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