08 June 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

I saw the movie last Friday. I was not impressed with the whole shit. It was predictable on the get go. Once you look at Nizam you know that he's going to end up being the villain. Plot phailed.

It pissed me off when they did the lovey-dovey romance scene at the most critical time. Your enemy was at the door, all you need to do is slot the dagger into the damn rock and but no.... you just have to kiss the damn Prince first and whadda ya know, now the enemy has the dagger. It's the end of the fucking world!


This is why I always ended up hating the female lead/heroin. They do the damnedest things.

The ending was abrupt. Kinda. Since you know what will going to happen since the beginning. There is no surprise element in this story. They tried but oh how they phailed.

Having said all that, Jake is dreamy @_@


I feel like movies based on video games have a 90% failure rate.

This is too bad because I bought Sands of Time when it first came out in 03 and ive beaten it like 3 times. Such a cool game. I've beaten the second one in the series but not the third. I dont even think I started it even though I do have it.

Does this mean they will make a trilogy? Hope not.

I'm also in the mood to go play those games again.

Fuck no. Please don't let it be a trilogy.

I'm actually starring as the lead role in the next movie.

THAT I have to see =3

Geh, I wasn't really expecting anything else. Video game movies, how they turn since the days of that Super Mario Brothers live action... bleh.

I was planning on maybe watching this for my media class; one of the seven requirements for our year end project is the watching and reviewing of a movie. I'd torrent, but ticket proof is demanded. So bawls.

marah nampak...........

Everyone watched besides me already... everyone says it kick ass... but still... i don't feel like watching...

You know what else did I see before the film start? New Avatar: The Last Airbender trailer. Apparently Toph is in it and... let just save the rant when the movie is out, shall we?

heroine are rarely impressive with the exception of kill bill, of course. But on the other hand, female villains are always so irresistible ;)

I didn't expect this to be good and it wasn't. But the whole time, my sister, I, and even my sister's boyfriend were oggling over his sexy body, raw and glistening in the exotic sandy world.

Seriously though, he's a very good looking man.

Why must there always be a damsel in distress? Just fucking annoying.

And that is a trufax, Yi. He is a very good looking man *drools*

I only liked it for the amazing stunts. They were so pretty. ^0^

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