09 June 2010

Bleach: Episode 273

Yeah, I'm in no mood for Bleach at all. Not after they "killed" Ulquiorra in the last chapter. The only reason I'm watching this now is because my fukutaicho couldn't stop asking me the same questions every time he saw me online: "have you seen the latest episode yet?"

I can always said that I have. I mean I read the manga (he doesn't which is why he's so freaking excited at every shit that is thrown at him) so I basically know where this is going next. It's not technically a lie. But then I remember the promise I made to myself when I first decided to do episodic review on Bleach (both manga and anime) so I might as well catch up.

The other reason why I'm so lazy to watch these upcoming episodes is because Yammy is in it. He's ugly and fucking obnoxious! Seriously though... what the fucking fuck is he? =\

Lemme be honest. Before the zanpaktou filler arc started, I skipped a few episodes (when I said a few, its more than 10. I know I am a bad fan -__-) of Bleach so I have absolutely no idea where did the fight at the fake Karakura town stop, and who versus who. Looks like I don't missed much aside from the fact that the espada and arrancars have totally obliterate the fukutaicho ranked shinigami.

Apparently they stopped the arc with captains fighting the top three espadas. Heh, this ought to be interesting. I seriously don't remember Toushiro got his ass kicked this bad in the manga although I do remember laughing my ass off when I saw how the captains are struggling against the espada so yeah, this is some funny stuff man. I know I like it a lot when I saw how useless Soi Fon is XD

Okay, here is another rule that every one in shounen should think about applying to their combat. When your enemy show you his/her real strength/power, do not show that you feared or impressed by that. It will only boost his/her confidence and you pretty much signed your death warrant. But of course if you are the good guy in Bleach, this rule does not apply because well... you have plotkai thanks to the troll.

ice illusion... can you believe the shit he came up with?!

Having said all that, the quality of this episode does not disappont. They are definitely top notch. Too bad it was wasted on Yammy for half of the episode.

random screencap is random ^^

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