10 June 2010

Bleach: Chapter 407

I just woke up and after the usual morning pee and cleansing, the first thing I did was checking out mangastream for Bleach update. Despite the fact that I would probably rant my ass off like usual with the chapters, I am still looking forward to the release as I have always been all these years.

It has been a while since we last seen the in between realm. The last we seen them was when Ulquiorra intercepted Inoue which resulted with her going to Hueco Mundo WILLINGLY. I am kinda surprise to see that Gin is actually pretty worried about the caretaker of the realm. This can be clearly seen when Aizen decided to mess around with it.

Something is definitely wrong with Aizen. I know he's psychotic before but his behavior now kinda give me the freaking hilly billy.

And I am kinda looking forward to see them in Soul Society again. I mean when was the last time we was there? How many years was that? Two? This ought to be interesting especially since all the captains are not around to stop his plan.

I mean Aizen and Gin has successfully crushed Ichigo's confidence.

I don't blame the kid though. I would have wet my pantsu too if I was in his place but for entirely a different reason XD

If the experience captains who have been around for hundreds of years were crushed like they were mere flies, what hope does Ichigo has to defeat the Loreal monster? I would say absolutely none.

But he's the protagonist so yeah Isshin will be his word of reason this time around and they'll go after Aizen. Isshin is sending his own son to a suicide mission. Tsk what kind of father is he? Oh yeah, I almost forgot that he has another two daughters that he needed to save. No wonder he's so adamant about it.

Heh, looks like Aizen did a favor for his enemy unknowingly. Since he has destroyed Kotatsu, there is nothing to stop Ichigo and Isshin in the in-between realm. Isshin gonna used this chance to teach Ichigo of the final Getsuga Tenshou.

Err... fucking WHAT?!

I definitely do not like the sound of that shit. Seriously though what the fuck is going on here. I like the fact that Getsuga Tenshou is exclusive to Ichigo alone. Kubo is messing with this fact and I am pissed.

Though I was pleased to note that the first one who wakes up in Karakura town was Keigo. I hope this is a sign that the people that are affected by Ichigo's reiatsu will come forth with new power. It is a bit farfetched but hey at least they'll die trying to protect their town, right? XD

And why does I feel like Gin definitely has something up his sleeves? The occasional look that Aizen threw at him kinda have double meaning to it. I might just over thinking things but oh how fun would it be if it happened ^_^

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Yeah, there seems to be something going on between Gin and Aizen. I have a feeling that Aizen will kill (or at least try to kill) Gin sooner or later.

Before I start my rant, i will say Gin is gonna betray Aizen. Hes acting REALLY wierd. And if he doesn't Aizen is just going to kill everyone anyways.


"The final Getsuga Tenshou"

FUCK YOU KUBO. SERIOUSLY FUCK YOU. He presented in a way that should make me go "OMG AWESOME!" instead im fucking pissed. HOW STUPID IS THAT????

HONESTLY. This is so dumb. Aizen is clearly god, and what? some stupid attack that's just an upgrade of the crap ichigo's been doing for years is gonna kill him? This is honestly retarded. Kubo made Aizen unstoppable. There is no one in the Bleach world that can beat him. And now he presents this crap. FUCK THIS. I am seriously so pissed off right now. I will now drink lots of alcohol.

Gin cannot die! More so if he's going to betray Aizen and turned out that he's actually the good guy. Speaking of which, what happened to Matsumoto?

As for the fucking final Getsuga Tenshou, looks like a major plotkai in the making.

Kubo has perfected his recipe for phailure.

I'll join you Oballer. Cheers to coke!

"And why does I feel like Gin definitely has something up his sleeves? The occasional look that Aizen threw at him kinda have double meaning to it. I might just over thinking things but oh how fun would it be if it happened ^_^"

I know! I'm pretty confident that Gin will turn out to be a good guy or at least an enemy of Aizen. But I also get the feeling Aizen knows. Something along the lines of "keep your enemies closer."

Gin better not die though.

At least there is something to look forward to

Bwahaha, red herring is red herring, wasted space is wasted space. That Kira-Matsumoto-Gin subplot a few chapters ago seems to have just been a way for Kubo to pointlessly inject drama into the scene and take up page-space. Here we were thinking Matsumoto was goin' to try to do something to Gin, and before she does anything, Gin and Aizen have already made a beeline for Real!Karakura.


Is Aizen off his gdamned rocker? What the hell was he thinking destroying the Janitor? Does Kubo think this is DBZ? Now Aizen has given Ichigo has an excuse to spend >9000 years training in the inter-dimensional space, and not a single second would have gone by in any of the other worlds. (Super Hyperbolic Time Chamber!)


Or, maybe, Aizen planned this so he would benefit more by "eating" FinalGetsuga!Ichigo rather than Normal!Ichigo, after he's done with his business. (Majin Buu!)


Hopefully Final!GetsugaTenshou is mildly creative, and doesn't have anything to do with absorbing energy from everything around Ichigo (Genki-Dama/Spirit-Bomb!).


LOL at Keigo randomly awaking. Hopefully he won't get raped (literally or figuratively, I'm just not sure anymore) by Aizen.


I wonder if Gin is a "good-guy" like many say he is. I really, REALLY hope not. IMO, a large part of the allure of Gin as a character is that he actually is likely the only "purely" evil character in the entire manga. Aizen became evil to become "God", and Tousen became evil to pursue his own "justice". What about Gin, though? As far as we know, Gin is a villain just for the lulz. He is apparently evil for the sake of being evil, with absolutely no palpable motivation. Aizen just does the bare minimum required to achieve his goals (Aizen didn't even kill a SINGLE member of the Gotei 13 at Fake!Karakura). Gin goes OUT OF HIS WAY to make everyone who he is not sided with as miserable AS POSSIBLE.

Remember his duel with Hitsugaya back in SS? Gin was toying with him the entire time, and even though it was very likely Hitsu would have died if Gin were more serious, Gin chose instead to fire at Hinamori in order to provoke a reaction out of Toshiro.

Remember PendulumArc!SoulSociety? Gin was still a sociopath even when he was a child, and butchered an arbitrary 3rd seat before he even MET Aizen.

Remember Rukia's walk to her execution? She was fully prepared to die and was going to do so without any fuss or hesitation. So, what did Gin decide to do? He ABSOLUTELY reduced, no, smashed her down to a screaming, sobbing, absolutely broken emotional wreck, and why? Just because. JUST because.

Even at the battle of Fake!Karakura, when Hiyori charged Aizen, chances are, Aizen could have rendered her comatose just by blinking hard enough, but what did Gin do? He went out of his way, released his zanpakuto and cut her in HALF. Why? Just to get to Shinji.

Gin doesn't need any hypocritical BS like Tousen does to justify his treachery or villainy. Gin is evil because he is Gin. He is evil by nature, he is evil by definition. That's what makes him so overpoweringly awesome. He wouldn't be Gin otherwise.


@Darwin: "Bwahaha, red herring is red herring, wasted space is wasted space."

thanks for foreshadowing your comment.

I think I just jizz in my pantsu reading your comment about how evil Gin is Darwin. I dunno whether that's a wrong reaction or otherwise. I just know its because he's Ichimaru Gin. I don't need any other reason.

WTF am I saying? I dunno anymore. Too tired to think straight -___-


Et tu? Was there any other point to your second comment than to exude unadultured spite? Was there any deeper meaning than to give truth to the GIFTheory?

This is Kubo we are trying to predict here. I'm not trying to debunk your theory of Gin going rogue on Sosuke. He might indeed turn on Aizen like you and others say he will. If that happens, then so be it. If Kubo can conjure up some well thought out explanation as to why, or perhaps release a databook with additional insight, that would be cool and all would be well in the world. Spontaneously turning on Aizen, based on spur of the moment decision might fit with Gin's "fight for myself" persona, should Aizen give Gin any reason for that.

What I AM saying though, is that Gin being a "good-guy 'all along'" (premeditating betrayl) would COMPLETELY DERAIL his character. It would be as if DarkKnight!Joker turned around and said to Batman: "LOL, sorry about all the crap I put you through during the course of the entire plot, turns out I was on your side after all." It just would not make ANY SENSE. Gin's very soul EMBODIES evil. Rukia noted that his presence was so sinister that it was as if his very aura was trying to drag her down into the abyss and strangle her.

There is a reason why Rukia was so completely terrified of him, and why Wonderweiss, a being without knowledge, memory, speech, or even the power to think, was so wary of Gin.

Gin "teasing" Rukia, and admitting he had no purpose for doing so: http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/145/03/

There really is no legitimate incentive for Gin to turn out as a good guy. The only thing in SS that Gin might genuinely care about is Rangiku. However, after commiting all the atrocities he did, and then going on to say that it was PURELY for the sake of "love" would make him just as bad, if not worse than Tousen. The captains genuinely hate Gin (i.e. Toshiro's "it's personal" speech to Aizen, as well as the "if she bleeds I will kill you" speech), the Vizards genuinely hate him (the past hundred years dedicated solely to kill him & Aizen), and Ichigo couldn't really give two shits until his Dad yelled at him this chapter.

Unless redemption=death, all the pointless, needless suffering and misery caused directly by Gin cannot simply be justified or forgiven by whatever cliche reason he may have to warrant being a good guy.

"One good deed is not enough to redeem a man from a lifetime of wickedness!" (POTC1)

This manga deserves a truly evil villain in its ranks. A villain who cannot be "bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with...", who just want to "watch the world burn." Someone whose very purpose to get out of bed in the morning is to be evil and do horrible, deplorable things. Someone who can be classified with the likes of the Bijuu of Naruto, Kid Buu of DBZ, Luciano Bradley of CG, DarkKnight!Joker, Michael Myers from Halloween, or Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange.

Don't Hate the Player, Hate the game. Or, "Cum dilectione hominum et odio vitiorum", if that's how you roll. Vitriolic, ad hominem responses to everything are not mandatory. Be cool, be chill.

The more I read your comment the more the idea is appealing to me. I mean, I said it before that Gin could be the true villain in this story and he's the one manipulating everyone, including Aizen. That would just rock my world.

That, or he's playing the spy and is so good at it. But I doubt that was the case. I just want to him to survive at the end of this whole shit I guess. That's why I can be so deluded sometimes.

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