24 June 2010

Bleach: Chapter 409

I am NOT going to analyze the color spread for this week's chapter. I'm gonna take it at face value. No hidden plot/agenda. Those who thinks otherwise feel free to enlighten me.

Though I think I wet my pantsu when I see the color spread of Aizen and Gin. The reason is mostly for Gin. He just affected me so ^^


But lets not get sidetrack. Let's get back to the story or the lack of it.

When was the last time we saw Ichigo in his inner world? I sure can't remember. Can you? Though I think I remember seeing him in his inner world when Muramasa tried to control Hichigo in the filler episode 236.

Anyway, this time there's something different with his inner world. The buildings are still slanted but they are all under water and he was greeted by a new occupant of his inner world. Wait what? I'm freaking excited all of a sudden.

You all must have known who I was thinking of when I saw this new guy/girl. Thus he/she has my instant approval

ZOMG! *squirts >9000!*

Is this what Kubo means when he said he's bringing back Ulquiorra? He sure looks like Ulquiorra's relative. Or a child of Rukia and Ulquiorra. ZOMG *squeals at the atrogious idea*

I am so turn on right now >=3

Although in actuality I do recognized him as Zangetsu younger form. To know that I'm still turn on by Zangetsu is slightly disturbing to be honest *chuckles*

The difference in Ichigo's inner world exists because this is the first time he entered it while he is still in bankai. Hmm, make sense. Kubo has found a loophole for plotkai.

It's official. He's a damn hawt male species =3

While Ichigo is busy fending off for himself, Isshin revealed that they do not exactly share the same zanpaktou since his is Engetsu. Err... then how come they shared the same attack? Don't tell me Engetsu and Zangetsu are related. That's just cock.

Isshin was right about them not wanting to teach the final move. They are not obligated to do so anyway. Heh, I like that Tensa is giving Ichigo attitude. Damn he really reminds me of Ulquiorra. I miss that emostoic guy.

Meanwhile, at the Real!Karakura Town, the citizens have started to wake up from their slumber, or maybe that was just their spiritual soul? I'm not sure. But they are getting butchered by Aizen's reiatsu alone. It was a painless way to die I guess (they were cut in half before they even realized it).

We will get to find out Tatsuki and Keigo's new power in the next chapter. That is something I am sure of. It would be interesting and frustrating at the same time. Interesting because I have always look forward to see Tatsuki's power. I'm sure whatever it is, it would be more pawnsome than Inoue's. Frustrating because they will be plotkai and more bullshit involved.

I hope we will have Tessai and the other shinigami that weren't around at the Fake!Karakura Town, like Nanao and 13th Division 3rd Seat, come to the kids rescue. I also hope that Byakuya, Kenpachi and Mayuri will come soon to spice up the fight. I will not be surprised if the old fuck turn up too. That doesn't mean I won't rage though.

And seems like Kubo forgot about Kira and Rangiku. Heh. There's potential for love triangle and Kubo is too chicken to venture into that.


Doesn't Tensa looks so much like Rukia atm? Symbolism FTW =D

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Haha applause for the new bishi in teh house! Tensa Zangetsu reminded me of Ulquoirra too... a less emo version of Ulquiorra.

Keigo having a power? I see Tatsuki having one, but...ugh, Keigo's just the worst human in the series.

Ulquiorra + Rukia = Tensa Zangetsu. Also, friggin bad ass. Hopefully this exchange is awesome. But also, hopefully during these next few chapters Aizen actually does something instead of just walking around killing people all nonchalant.

Tensa Zangetsu reminded me of a lot of people actually: Zangetsu, Rukia, Byakuya and Ulquiorra.

And Saigon, Keigo ain't the worst. That BRUAHAHAHA guy is.

We have been complaining about the lack of kill in Bleach. Suddenly Aizen going on a spree killing without have to lift a finger. I'm not complaining though. It was expected. Those cockroaches stand no chance.

I was so busy fapping to Tensa that I kinda miss all the bad things about this chapter. That's a good thing =3

DON KANONJI. WORST CHARACTER EVER. actually i wronte a post about him a long long time ago... (searches for it)


GOD i hate him.

Glad to know that I'm not the only one who have such a strong hatred for that guy

Hmmm, about the spread, It's seems to be just a simple boy-girl-boy-girl alternating pattern. Nothing extraordinarily out of the ordinary.

Hoooh boy. Tensa Zangetsu.

It seems that Tensa's physical materialization is an amalgation of some of the most important figures in Ichigo's life. Ulquiorra: Ichi's principal arrancar rival, Byakuya: Ichi's (former) principal shinigami rival, and Rukia: the girl who started his journey. It also probably helps that Byakuya and Rukia look a lot like each other due to the bro-sis connection. So yeah, symbolism FTW.

Somehow, atm, Tensa's refusal to teach Ichi Final!Getsuga looks to be actively counterproductive. If Ichi doesn't obtain this hax, then it will just guarantee that Aizen will get to NOM-NOM-NOM-eat him. Hollow-Ichi stated that Ichigo going bye-bye would be extremely inconvenient to those in his inner world. Hopefully Kubo will iron out that kink in due time.

Sorta strange how Aizen is going about his business. Yeah, cutting people in half by strolling past them is probably reaaaaaally amusing for the magnificent bastard that is Aizen, but it would probably be more efficient if he just pulled a L'Oreal-powered 80's-90's hadou, or a cero to nuke the town. Eh, whatever. He can have his fun.

Tessai or Ryuken may show up, but even for them, holding back Aizen for one hour (the time Ichi has to learn Final!Getsuga in real-time) seems to be a bit of a stretch, given how easily he stomped Ura, Yoru, and all of the captains. If Ichi does his thing within the 2000 precipice-hours and makes it back into Soul Society, at that time, Isshin would probably be unable to fight, as he would have expended all his reiatsu stopping the current. This should play out very interestingly.

Hahaha, didn't notice that the sleeker, younger version of Zangetsu (makes sense since if big shikai zangetsu is an old man, his powered up version would be a younger version), looked very much like ulquiora and rukia's lovechild. The hair's pretty spiffy too what with the waviness. Anyone else curious as to what Engetsu looks like now?

Point taken: Don is easily the worst. I just repressed him and his existence so much I actually missed him and jumped to Keigo.

Meh Darwin, we all know that Tensa will teach Ichigo sooner rather than later. His refusal could stem from the sense to protect Ichigo. At least that's what I think.

The reason why Aizen didn't nuke the Real!Karakura Town in Soul Society could be because he doesn't know exactly where the key is? Or he does know of the where about of said key and he will nuke the town AFTER he retrieve it.

Just my two cents.

Besides Tensa, the fact that we didn't know exactly who will stop Aizen's rampage and keep him busy (while Ichigo trains) is kinda exciting. I would love to see Rukia somewhere in it.

And Chester, I think Engetsu is the female version of Zangetsu. Thus the fancy name.

You are forgiven Saigon. Your excuse is valid.

My thoughts... Bleach has degenerated to overuse of big talks, delaying fights, inconsistent power levels, and cycle of fighting + power ups. It's starting to feel like DBZ, and this chapter did not help fix that at all.

I hate to admit it Yi but you are right. This fact makes me sad.

Wait though, isn't that what it means to be shounen manga though? Big talks, delaying fights, so on? Just that Kubo seems to have an ability to emphasize it so much it becomes amplified.

I was just bothered by how 'younger is better'. Is this some discrimination against old people? I guess I just don't appreciate bishies. Now if he were a girl... Actually, that'd be even more messed up.

younger is always better. I'm sure everyone wants to be with a younger partner if he could have a choice. Or it just might be my age talking :P

I wouldn't mind if it turns out to be a girl though. It won't be surprising since his initial power up was thanks to Rukia after all.

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