23 June 2010

Bleach: Episode 276

I forgot to mention this in the last chapter but when I saw the recap, it reminded me of one thing that I dislike about the anime after the Soul Society arc: the censorship. I mean, Soi Fon got her arm cut off by a freaking zanpaktou yet we didn't see any blood. That is just sad.

Aight back to the episode. Ukitake did right with Linette. I have a good chuckle. Though he sure made Stark annoyed with the way he treated his partner.

So finally Stark is fighting Shunsui for real although it seems like they are going to drag the fight a little longer while giving the screen time to Soi Fon and Barragan.

Speaking of Soi Fon, she has left Oomaeda to rot, as he fought (ran away is a better term) from Barragan. If anyone deserved to die in Bleach, Oomaeda definitely top the list. So anyway, while Oomaeda making a fool of himself, Soi Fon was preparing for her bankai state.

I literally chuckled when I realized this because I keep thinking how a friend of mine, who refused to read the manga and a phobia when it comes to spoiler will react to her bankai, since she's his favorite character in Bleach. I sure hope he is not as disappointed as I am when I first saw it. In fact I am still disappointed. A fucking torpedo? Jeez.


She should just used her bankai since the beginning. If she did, she won't be missing a limb at the moment. I wonder why she wrapped the building with the ginjotan. So that she won't be send flying every time she used her bankai?

Oh well, to be continued...

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