09 September 2009

Bleach: Episode 236

(this post will be chronologically fucked as usual ^__^)

It is super gay that Hisagi didn't realize Kazeshini was behind him until the last minute. Kira to the rescue FTW! I'm sure I've said this before but Kazeshini's attitude wins me over. He kinda reminds me of Nnoitora (missed him T__T). Too bad that he's up against Kira. I want to see who is stronger. I would like to think Kira can kick his ass. One thing that I like about Kira way of fighting is he used kidou a lot. That's my kind of guy.

Now who does this sentence reminds you off *chuckles*. If you say Aizen, I'll give you an e-cookie XD

We finally got to see Ichigo accepting his raw hollow side. I'm sooooo happy. He should have done this a long time ago but I guess the fear of being consumed by his own hollow must have scared him. I understand *pats Ichigo's head*


So old man Zangetsu has revealed his intention of living Ichigo's body. He just want to see if Ichigo can surpass him. I think it's the same with the rest of the zanpaktou from the conversation they had with their wielder.

Okay, I know it's Ichigo and he's special and all that but seriously, he could stop Getsuga Tenshou? WTH? Also it bothers me for quite sometimes now but does Ichigo's bankai has only one attack (Getsuga Tenshou). Lame. But man, who needs several attacks when you can do this without a bankai!

*fangasm #2*nosebleed*

*fangasm #3* OMG!

*fangasm #4*squirts*


Oh? Zabimaru went bankai on Renji. It was funny to see Renji running around like that avoiding Snakey's attack. What a wuss...

yeah chimpette, show us what Zabimaru can actually do! w00t!!

I was impressed when Renji used kidou because he really sucks at it. I laughed when one of his hidou spells went retarded. That's Renji for you. *chuckles* Since this is a filler I forgive him for being able to fire the hidou one after the other without affecting his level of reiatsu. So Renji wins this one. The first shinigami to do so. I guess even a moron can find his way out when he's in a pinch. Congratulation Renji! *pats his back*

In any case, I want to see BLOOD!! There is not a single drop being shed in this arc. How fucking ridiculous is that? Fuck censorship!

btw, thanks to Stuart, I learned this badassery fact: Muramasa the demon blade

ps: I was right about the instinct shit! hehehehe... XD


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