02 August 2009

Avatar: The Last Airbender Live Action Movie


When I heard that M.Night Shyamalan is doing the live action movie of Avatar, the avatard in me has mixed feelings about it. I was excited since it's Night after all and I am an avid fan of his. The other part of me however dreaded the prospect of Avatar getting butchered.

This reservation is the result of watching live action versions of anime series that I loved getting fucked up by Hollywood. Dragon Ball is a fine example. I weep at the catastrophe.

The announcement of the cast only increased my anxiety. Dev Patel reportedly will be playing Zuko. I mean... Zuko is not brown and Katara/Sokka ain't white either! I was pissed. But... kinda excited too to see Jackson as Sokka. I mean, he's good-looking for once. LOL. And wait... no Toph?! What a blasphemy! O____0

However, yesterday Stiffy showed me the preview and jeebus fuck, I think I squirted in my pants when I saw it. Now I want to see it despite myself. I after all I is an Avatard (more specifically, Zukotard) at heart.

Fuck. Night better not disappoint me or I'll cut off his dick. Either his or the unfortunate being who tag along to see the movie with me.


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