14 April 2010

Bleach: Episode 266

With new OP full of spoilers, and we are back on track. I don't like the opening video for obvious reason (grrrr) and as for the song, I'm gonna love it anyway because I'm a Bleachtard.

I was surprised to notice that I didn't recognized Aizen's voice. How long ago has it been since I last saw him in the anime? Oh yeah, I forgot that I skipped several episodes prior to the fillers.

But I so remember the above scene from the manga. Definitely one of the most memorable moment too bad it kinda lost in translation when it was adapted to animation, just like many other moments that were revealed. For example, I remember getting all excited and shit at seeing the captains and fukutaichos assembled to greet the arrival of Aizen. I also wet my pants when I read Aizen calling forth his top three espada. I feel none of it when I watched the anime. It wasn't because I was spoiled, but rather that the anime failed to grasp the moments at it full capacity. So thank goodness that I read and watch both the manga and anime. I won't lose anything. Not to mention that they have better characters design in manga. They all look so scrumptious.

If there is one thing that I like about the anime, its their ability to jog my memory of certain lines and actions that I forgot.

The old fart trapped Aizen, Gin and Tousen in his flame fortress, hoping to finish the rest of the espada and arrancars before Aizen freed himself. I say that the old fart is really underestimating the opponents. We have seen numerous evidence that the espada is definitely stronger than the captains. Sure they have lost some of the battle, but some of it was a fluke.

Don't tell me that the old fart has lots of confidence with his own army. That's bullshit. The old fart is a moron. They are sending them for a suicide mission.

Why don't you go first, you asshole?!

Oi oi oi, wait a fucking second. *sigh* I knew that I have missed something when I skipped those episodes. Apparently up to this point that was a flashback? Holy shit. So Kira and the rest of the fukutaicho have been mercilessly defeated by the creature made from Hallibel's fraccion? LOL that was fast.

No, asshole. You should have been fighting alongside of them since the beginning.

Clearly Mila Rose, Sun Sun and Apache don't stand a chance against the old fart. They were easily toasted. Hallibel was of course ready to unleash her full power now. I lol'd when I saw that she's wearing a pink bra. That's fucked up censorship yo! LMAO

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And thus they revealed the number for the top three espada. Stark is so cool, ne?

Nice color scheme

And only then did we finally get back to Ichigo and Ulquiorra back in Hueco Mundo. This is the fight that I wanna see, also the fight that I dreaded to see. I missed seeing my Ulquiorra. Gosh, I love this emo-less espada @_@

Err yeah, about Ichigo flying to where Ulquiorra and Inoue are, I'm just gonna pretend that I didn't see that. And OH HELL NO! THEY DIDN'T JUST SHOW US A FLASHBACK WHEN INOUE WAS TRYING TO FUCKING KISS ICHIGO, DID THEY?! THEY DID?!



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Were you offeneded in the opening because of the outright Ulqui/Hime shipping or because it spoiled the fact the poor soul dies?
Heh heh, pink bra...would've taken her more for someone who wears swimsuit patterns...y'know what with her being sharky...yeah I'll shut up.

I'm offended with anything and everything that has the whore being her useless shit.

The entire episode was pretty much just a recap using recycled footage of episodes 215->226 with changes in music. The reason the entrance of Aizen in this episode seemed less monumental was probably because of this very reason. His entrance seemed to be better back when it was originally aired as fresh animation, back in ep 215. IMO the only part of this ep that was any better than any the original footage was the animators using "Power to Strive" as the music starting when Stark removes his glove and ending with the espada reiatsu light-show.

To me, the OP was just so awesome from the MASSIVE overload of EPIC fanservice and teasing with the vizards and the espada and bankais and resurrecions, that not even Orihime Inoue could ruin it. She'll probably disappear for a looooooong loooooooong time once the battle gets fully underway. The blue ceros from Stark's guns were especially a nice touch. LOL at bankai Ichigo trading blows with Super Ulquiorra during the OP. Also, LOL at Baraggan the pimp and Yoruichi's haircut in the ED.

I think there might be some symbolism in this. Kubo is trolling us vicariously through Inoue with shiptease, and Ulquiorra is unimpressed by her antics. Kinda like us readers. For the next few weeks though, half the dialog will probably just consist of the phrase "Kurosaki-kun!" being babbled ad infinitum, ad nauseam.


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I'm sending you a friend request on facebook. From here on out I'll refer to myself with my given name.

ZOMG! *blushes*

I shall divorce my waifu >=D

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