29 March 2010

Bleach: Episode 263

Whoa, a late entry. That's how fucking busy I have been.

But anyway, no one spoiled this episode for me yet so I have no choice but to watch it and see what's going on. Does anyone still bother with the anime though? That's what I want to know... *shrugs*

Heh, just as expected, Zabimaru are just as useless as Renji in a fight. Always needed to be save one way of the other. This time it's by Senbonzakura. So I guess this week filler is about Byakuya's zanpaktou. About time, I say.

As for Zabimaru, at least they are pretty useful for comic relief.


OMG, I stand corrected. The three of them: Senbonzakura, Snakey and Chimpette are champion when they combined force and I'm not talking in a fight, but as a comic relief. Senbonzakura is surprisingly funneh.

But then again, it wasn't anything unexpected. I mean, we have seen plenty of time of Byakuya being funny, however unintentionally it may be.

And then they add another zanpaktou: Ashisogi Jizou. I swear I was rolling with laughter!

Why does this reminds me of Simpson? XD

I would pay to see Senbonzakura's expression of WHAT THE HELL?! >=D

Kantol! XD

Oh man it has been a while since I last enjoyed Bleach this much. This is definitely one of the best filler episode. The quality of the animation was top notch and the story original. I forgive the production team for the lousy filler episodes. This one totally make up for it.

I am glad that I did not skip this one ^__^

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


In those epsode, Renji is very awfull......

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