31 March 2010

Bleach: Episode 264

Another episode of fillers. 1 more episode to go and we'll back on track! Hang in there, oh Bleach's lovers!

This week is about Shunsui's zanpaktou. I couldn't remember what its name is though. I have never been a fan of Shunsui in the first place anyway.

edit: the zanpaktou's name is Katen Kyoukotsu.

Nanao had the task to look after the cute one out of the pair, and brought her along to capture the sword fiend. My question is: why is Nanao walking around without her zanpaktou at the time of trouble. That's so irresponsible of her. Not to mention that the cutie pie is very dangerous and has no qualm attacking friend or foe.

Someone is jealous...

The cutie pie is emotionless if not sadistic. I have liked her since she was first introduced in the cave. I mean, someone with a hair cut like that is bound to be effing cool. With a fucking skull adorning the purple hair, no less!

But holy fuck she's a fucking weirdo! I dunno what the hell was going on for the next half of the episode until the sword fiend appeared and attacked them. Guess what, Nanao fucking screwed up. This is blasphemy!

How fucking useless...


Glad that its over. Watching this episode was a torture >_>

Thankfully we have Gin to make everything better again ^___^


For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


Emotionless little ninja gal reminded me of Yuki Nagato from Haruhi Suzumiya...I like that character so very much. ^0^

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