22 March 2010

Barber Smurf

I have been eyeing the smurfs at Rebirth ever since I first step into the store. One day, I asked the owner if the smurfs are for sale. He quickly answered no and smashed my hope on the spot.

However a few days later, Mat (he's the owner) messaged me on Facebook and said that I can have one of the smurfs figure. I did not ask which one, I am just glad that he is generous enough to offer me one.

For you guys who are scratching your head, thinking what the hell is a Smurf, well, it was one of the cartoons that I grew up watching, among Thudercats, Transformers and Doraemon. My most favorite character of smurf is Jokey Smurf. He was darn cute and very mischievous.

But I already knew that Mat doesn't have a Jokey Smurf so when I went back to his store to claim my Smurf, he handed me the Barber Smurf. I said my thank you as I hid my glee.

Barber Smurf only appeared in two episodes of season 4 of the Smurf: "Symbols of Wisdom" and "Smurfette's Golden Tresses". From what I remembered, he appeared older in the cartoon compared to this figure and he always wear an apron, which the figure obviously did not. Other than that the figure got the scissor and the comb right and that was how I was able to distinguished which one was he.

Yes, the Smurfs have blue blody and most of them don't even have hair to begin with. That was probably why Barber Smurf only appeared in two episodes since only a few, namely Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Sassette, Granpa Smurf and Nanny Smurf that actually have hair for him to cut.

You must have notice that this figure is not in it best condition but this figure is older than I am. This was made in 1979, two years before I was born and to most people this is considered as collector's item. You can learn about the marking here.

All Smurfs have this rabbit tail coming out of their pantsu. I think this is one of the reason why they are so damn adorable. The females usually have fluffier tail compared to the male Smurfs.

Barber Smurf has met with my Vocaloid Puchi earlier than you guys and he has been stalking Miku ever since. He is driving Miku up the wall.

With all these new figures (pvc and nendos) I have to do some changes to my display cabinet. The lower shelf that used to be where I put all my precious books is now dedicated to the figures as well. Now I have two shelves of figures instead of one. The upper shelf for my Bleach's figures and the lower shelf mainly dedicated to nendos, figma and puchis. I really need to buy a new display cabinet.

It's not much but it is mine ^^


Wow that owner so good to you.

Did you know that they're making a Smurf movie? Quentin Tarantino is doing the voice of Brainy Smurf. For the record, Quentin Tarantino is the best director ever.

also Neil Patrick Harris is doing the voice of Johan... sweet

this would mean that the Smurf figure will be available locally. Now that's something to look forward to

smurfs! i cant remember a single thing about the cartoon... lol smurf pantsu XD congrats on getting your hands on this collectors item ^^

Smurf movie? is this true o.O

Yeah, it is scheduled to be released in 2011.

I love that picture of Barber Smurf with Miku! So cute. ^ ^

No. Unless you are kind enough to give me one ^^

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