15 February 2010


Aight here is another random posts of mine. Another glimpse of what I do with my life and *gasp* some pictures of yours truly as well.

JOHO has organized several events since I joined in. The latest were SPAM! and Photo Outing. Needless to say that they were a huge success and I had a blast. You see, with JOHO you do not feel like you are working. Ain't that fun? XD

Thanks to JOHO, I am more adapt to social life now. It still feels awkward interacting with real people but I'm getting the hang of it (I think). The sad thing about it though is that I am no longer strapped in front of my computer 24/7 like I used to which mean less time for anime and manga =(

I guess you win some and you lose some. Though I am still going to strive harder to make sure that I fulfill my 2010 resolution!

Enough of this shitty gibberish, although this post is actually made entirely out of gibberish shit ^^

First up is SPAM! night which was held on January 31, 2010. It was a soft launch for JOHO.

JOHO crew for SPAM! night

The ladies. Did you notice how awkward I was? :P

Next is the Photo Outing. We expected less than 40 photographers to show up but the response was overwhelming. Almost close to 100 people with all sorts of camera showed up.

Group photo. More came after this photo was taken.

The crew for the outing

With the best people ^__^

this shop exists longer than I am

The empty street of Jalan Tan Hiok Nee where the Junk Sale take place once a month on Friday night

People says I have memorable hair. WTF? That better be a compliment!

Now my schedule for weekend is usually full of activities with JOHO. Just last weekend, we went to soft launch of Lost Malaya and on the next day played a traditional game of baling selipar or literally translated to 'throwing slippers'. It is one of the game we used to play when we were kids, before PlayStation or Nintendo existed. Unfortunately these traditional games were forgotten. Most of the young kids nowadays don't even know what the heck does it mean. So JOHO takes the initiative to reintroducing these games to the next generation.

Yep, that's me throwing the slippers. Beware >=D

Aight that is all the update for now. Till later events. And yes, random retarded post is a filler post.

(Please take note that all of these events were FREE)


why did u said u was awkward that nite?

heh because I was. I guess I covered it well enough to be socially adept

social interaction O_O so thats how it looks like lol wow so many people showed up, quite the successful event!

so you step away from the PC and already working the streets and chucking slippers? interesting :P

i had a huge comment written, but then I clicked on a picture by accident and it got erased. Therefore I'll just say:

Pictures of klux are awesome. Keep posting or we'll all die.

@rockleelotus, that sounds so dirty in my head ^^"

@Glo, stop sucking on my vagina. wait... don't stop ^^

Beware of interweb stalkers now. You never know when someone will reveal themselves to know every single thing about you.

lol I think I have got plenty of that already ^^"

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!
I love that picture of you sitting in the middle of an empty street with the sign.

I like some of the composure of the shots. Some of it are using fish eye len right? All this shots were taken by others for you using your camera or them? Got some of the photo you taken yourself?

I really do think your have memorable hair. Most obvious when you let it down like the picture above. :)

And I do mean it in a good way. :p

@Yi, it is always fun hanging out with the "family". And thank you, it's one of my fav too ^^

@LEon, most of the shots were taken using wide lense and a few using the 5D Mark II 24-70mm f2.8/l lense. These were taken by JOHO photographers/members.

@blur, awww thanks for the compliment XD

rmbut u cool ok bile tgk real td!!!!!!hot mama

oi I'm not a mama yet! hahaha

alah..saje je..sbb nak gune ayat nak ckp u hot..so ckp la hot mama!hot mama kan lg hot bunyi die..hihi

title hot mama JOHO dah ada orang lain pegang la XD

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