14 January 2010

Bleach: Chapter 388

Yosh! Bleach manga is back with a colored page of Ichigo! Fucking w00t!!

oh you smexy beast @_@

Ichigo is full of determination as he crossed the garganta to the real world. He vowed to ended it with one attack. Pfft! Was he joking? What he didn't expect however was to appear behind Aizen. LOL I thought he planned that?

And then something happened and they went kabo0m! Oh wait, Ichigo tried to stab Aizen from the get go. Meh, of course Aizen saw that and made fun of Ichigo after that. I am not sure why Ichigo was so surprised that his attack phailed.

Ichigo quickly regretted not using his hollowfication for that first attack. Oh boy, what the fuck happened to Ichigo who felt guilty for 'killing' Ulquiorra up on the dome back in Hueco Mundo?

It was funny actually when the fucking-God Aizen can deducts his enemy's every moves. He totally read Ichigo's mind and mocked him for that.

The pissed off Ichigo obviously felt humiliated and quickly used his hollowfied power. Aww man... I can totally see where this is going. How dejected Ichigo must have feel when he realized he is no match for Aizen and the Gotei 13 are pretty much sent him for suicide mission.

I mean, just look at the limit of Ichigo's attack. Even in bankai or hollowfied version of him, the only attack he can do is Getsuga Tenso which Aizen pretty much dodged like it was made of flower petals.

Because Marit Unohana has put ideas on Ichigo's head that he should not by any mean made himself vulnerable and should never ever ever ever ever EVER see Aizen's shikai, Ichigo was fighting so defensively. He only attacked from afar as if that would made a difference. Knowing exactly why Ichigo was so afraid to close the distance between them, Aizen took the first step.

yaoi moment WTFOMFG! XD

Then Aizen proceeded to interview Ichigo of his reason to fight him. Duh, you are invading his hometown! But his sweet words of course were oh so cunning. Ichigo almost lost it if Komamura didn't step in and told Ichigo (in front of Aizen no less) that they (referring to the Gotei 13) will not let Ichigo see Aizen's shikai. What a moron... I mean how the fuck were they planning to do that?

Oh right by doing this -__-

Then... WHY THE FUCK THEY NEEDED ICHIGO FOR?! These assholes obviously will be dropping like flies (no pun intended) in the upcoming chapters. Man, I really feel sorry for Ichigo at the moment. He must be feeling pretty useless.

Alright that was it for this week chapter. I am just glad that Bleach is back. Now I want to know if Hacchi manages to save Hiyori and hopefully with only one man left at his side, Aizen will go all out with Gin and show these bitches how it is supposed to be done.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Aizen has an AT Field! XDDD ...i did not like how this chp ended.
you put Episode instead of Chapter for the title, didnt recover from that Yaoi moment? lol :P

obviously! lol.

The end was bullshit. If they fucking think they can defeat Aizen since the very beginning, why the fuck didn't they just do that? Oh right, they have tried and phailed.

What makes them think the outcome for this one would be different is beyond me...

A few good guys have to die/be gravely injured before Ichigo can get into the fighting mood lol.

Well, I think Ichigo is, or at least ought to be, far more scared of Aizen.

Still, you're right. As soon as the hero shows up, Komamura snaps out of his anger and Shinji stops freaking out that Hiyori was bisected?

@TJ, agreed. I hope the old fuck Yamaji died. Where is he anyway? Cowering under the rubble?

@moritheil, Ichigo never really had the chance to see how fearsome Aizen is. He will soon though. Fuck yeah!

Lately, I've been a bit annoyed at Bleach chapters. This was kind of a disappointment again.
Well, at least they did not make Ichigo beat Aizen easily. Looking forward to some epic battles to come.
And when is Gin going to get some action?

Everyone is annoyed with Bleach. The same goes for Naruto with the recent plotkai. It's becoming a trend :(

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