13 January 2010

Bleach: Episode 253

Early in the episode, they switch to Ichigo/Rukia versus Muramasa. Yes, Muramasa ain't dead yet although I pretty much sure he kinda died in the last episode. I mean he should be dead when Kouga broke the zanpaktou, ne? =\

His love for Kouga is soooo deep >_>

The shit that happened next did not make any sense, man. Tons of hollows appeared because of his uncontrollable reiatsu. It was due to the amount of hollows he had consumed. Not only it appeared from his body, it also attracted the hollows in the vicinity. What the fuck was that? Seriously, at that moment I thought Muramasa's faggotry was fucking ridiculous.

Ichigo and Rukia tried to kill as many hollows as they can with the help of Ishida and Sado and yes, even Inoue but the amount of hollows were endless. Unless Ichigo takes care of Muramasa this fight will on going like forever... duh

But before they had the chance, Muramasa was sucked into a black hole and absorbed all the hollows.

After that the fight shifted to Byakuya versus Kouga again. Kouga went down with the shocking expression on his face. He didn't thought that Byakuya could defeat him. Of course he thinks he is not done yet so he called out for Muramasa.

OMG gay!!

Then he fell into the river. I don't think we have seen the last of Kouga yet. Maybe Muramasa will answered his call once he's done absorbing all the hollows.

The ridiculousness of a filler episode -__-

Muramasa turned out to be a fucking hollow himself with such a fugly appearance. Oops, not just a hollow, a fucking arrancar. WUT?!

Nnoitora's rip off...

When they saw the new version of Muramasa, everyone was in the mood for gang rape. They tried and phailed... In return, Inoue and Rukia almost got fried with his blue cero if Byakuya hadn't saved them. Just as they were about to finish him off, Muramasa conveniently regain his consciousness and tried to fight against the power of the hollows.

Who felt sympathy for him? None other than Inoue. I swear Ulquiorra x Inoue is legit! Muramasa must have reminded her of her dead Ulquiorra... I say this is just an attempt to repair Inoue's image after the debacle of asking a dead man for help and then got floor-raped in the face by the same man. Nice try but it won't work. She's useless as always.

Fuck I fucking hate this episode!! FAST FORWARD to where Sode no Shirayuki reappeared with reinforcement. Eh? WASN'T SHE FUCKING DEAD?!


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