27 December 2009

Eve no Jikan the Movie

Yep, they are going to make it into a movie. It would basically be the original scenes from the 6 episodes with some new additional scenes as well. It is set to be released next Spring.

I'm pretty sure with some good editing it would be EPIC, since Eve no Jikan was epic to begin with. I thought they were going with season 2 whats with the lack of closure from the completion of the series but movie is definitely much better, ne?


I can't wait =3

source: timeofeve.com


I must watch the original (or series or whatever), after I saw you're review of it.

It would do you much good, believe me. It's like a supplementary diet to your already healthy list of anime

Thanks for the news! I loved Eve no Jikan and I will be very very excited to hear this.

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