18 December 2009

Bleach coming to Animax

Yep, finally! The first episode will be aired on December 18 at 7:30pm. Fucking w00t!!

Although our local television station has done the same thing, it just does not feel right with the Malay sub. I guess it was acceptable if compared to dub. Urgh, I fucking hate dubbed.

I really look forward to this because I have been planning to re-watch Bleach since forever but always too busy or got distracted whenever I tried to. Now I can dedicate my half-an-hour time to watch the series from the start. From where it was still so effing good. Soul Society arc after all remained the most glorious moment in Bleach history.

Anyway, to commemorate this (I just wanted a reason to do this XD), here are some delicacies. Someone just fucking leak the upcoming episode of Ichigo vs Ulquiorra (chapter 350-351). They said it was the manga chapter getting the SFX-ed treatment. I don't buy it.

And here are some of my favorite OPs and EDs from Bleach @_@

Aqua Timez - Alone (Bleach 6th OP)

Aqua Timez - Sen No Yoru Wo Koete (Bleach's ED for Memories of Nobody)

Hazel Fernandes - Number One (Ichigo's theme song)

Kosuke Atari - Tane Wo Maku Hibi (Bleach's 13th ED)

Ore Ska Band - Tsumasaki (Bleach's 11th ED)

Rie Fu - Life is Like a Boat (Bleach's 1st ED)

Tsuji Shion - Sky Chord (Bleach's 18th ED)

Yui - Rolling Star (Bleach's 5th OP)

High and Mighty Color - Ichirin no Hana (Bleach's 3rd OP)


Was checking out Tsumasaki - Ore Ska Band.

Wow! Honestly, I didn't like it when I was listening to it in Bleach. But watching the youtube video + the full song. It sounds totally awesomeEEEeerrAAWwWRRRR!!!

It's funny how impressions differ this way. -.-"

ska is one of my fav music genre so naturally I like Ore Ska Band almost immediately after I listened to the ED.

What is your fav songs from Bleach?

Sorry it took me so long to reply. Got a little caught up with you know what.

Hmm... Fav Bleach song. Wow. That is harder to answer than picking an anime wife.

I have a favourite 4. But I really can't sort them in order. Just love all 4 of them so much.

Aqua Timez - Alones and Velonica, Asian Kung-Fu Gen - After Dark, Beat Crusaders - Tonight x3.

I also like Kelun - Chu-Bura. But it took me a while to take a liking to the song. So I guess I should place it at number 5.


And again. Merry Christmas. Lol. Hope you don't get bored of hearing me say that. I think htat's like the 3rd time I wish you Merry Christmas already.

AwesomesauCe... LMAO!

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