25 December 2009

Bleach: Chapter 387

Grr this week chapter is very late. I have been waiting all day! But all is well because color spread y'all! fucking w00t!!

and BAM! Shinji's shikai! He fucking inverted the world!! *faps*

Aizen said he did not sense any aura from his shikai and before he knew it he was caught in Shinji's inverted world. It was supposed to fuck the sense of it's enemy but holy mother of fuck ain't we talking about Aizen here? I lol'd at Shinji's confident words because I know he is so going to get raped. Disappointed I may be but hell this is going to be made of fucking awesomesauce.

LOL see what did I tell ya? XD

*grins* that was definitely chuckles worthy. I am still smiling at the idiocy of it all because Kubo made the mistake of telling us that Ichigo will be the only one who can defeat Aizen *mumbles* that fucking bastard...

Just when I thought things will get more awesome, Kubo brought us back to Tousen's fight. Apparently the fucker ain't dead yet and is taken care of by Komamura and Shuuhei. LOLWUT?! *facepalm*

I got a feeling that Gin will be the one finishing him off X)

And muahahahahaha my wish was granted. Well, kinda, since it seems like Aizen was the one who took care of the shit. LOL I love this chapter.

But wait a minute! Holy shit guess who's coming to save the day now that Shinji was bloody and useless and no hope is left? Well whadda ya know, it's Super-Shinigami-Vaizard-Hollow Ichigo! Didn't I say I love this chapter?

Hahahaha hell yeah >=D

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


So Tousen does die... can't blame anyone else but himself for being weak sauce lol.

Ichigo is finally here eh? It's about time...

Yet another disappointing chapter for me. Was expecting Shinji to have a more powerful release, but all we got were crap and a few pages of long winded useless explanations.

I don't know why Kubo even bother trying to make such a big deal with the vaizards when in the end they are as weak as the shinigami. Fuck, they could have their own release goddammit, just like tousen!

Kubo phailed at that. He phailed when he said Ichigo can be the only one to defeat Aizen. He ruinned the surprise. That asshole...

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