16 December 2009

Bleach: Episode 250

I am in no mood for this week episode to be honest but then, I heard that they did a flashback on Kouga. Obviously I was intrigued so lets get this done and over with :)

When I saw the above scene, everything make senses as to why Byakuya was determined to "betray" the Gotei 13. He must have known who Muramasa is from the very beginning and Kouga was part of the 6th Division.

Father?! O_o

Holy fuck, I didn't expect Kouga to be related to Ginrei! Eh wait, he's not. At least not by blood. Ginrei kinda welcomed him as his son-in-law. Kouga was not really a bad person per se. His intention was good. However his method wasn't. Eh... who said that? Let me stand corrected. As far as I am concerned, his method was spot on but as always, when the Gotei 13 (read: the old fuck Yamaji) saw that his power can possibly created chaos later on, they (read: he) felt threatened.

When in bankai, Muramasa materialized and can do the same for the other zanpaktous

Without investigating what his subordinates had done, the old fuck quickly accused Kouga of treachery. Seriously just WHAT THE FUCK?! The same shit has been happening since forever?! OMG RAWWWWRRRRRRR I'm so fucking pissed!

I don't blame Muramasa or Kouga for seeking revenged. The old fuck MUST DIE!! And I don't even care if Byakuya betrayed the Gotei 13 for real. They really deserved it with such stupidities.

At the end, Kouga stabbed Muramasa. I kinda know why but meh, lets just wait for next week's episode.

Did we just saw the father and mother of Byakuya, and practically made Kouga Rukia's dad as well?

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yh true they did deserve to die but after he killed the 3 shinigami traitors he lost all his resolve and that was why he became mad with rage. The whole episode kind of reflects how easily someone can be manipulated by hatred.

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