18 November 2009

Bleach: Episode 246

I gotta give credit to dattebayo for coming up with this message this week: Yamaji was caught up in one of those dreadful pyramid schemes. It made me laughed.

Holy shit! Muramasa revealed that the three zanpaktous (which belongs to the three senior captains) have equal strength to the old fuck? Hahaha, someone should tell this to Aizen XD

The fact that Byakuya and Ichigo were still affected by the old fuck's fire power was awesome because it showed that no plotkai involved. I still don't like the old fuck though.

When I first saw Kazeshini all cut up, there are three names that pop up in my head.

  1. Byakuya - because lets face it, he's the good guy no matter how hard the production team trying to make him appeared as a villain. He's no Aizen
  2. Sode no Shirayuki - I believe she's still alive
  3. Senbonzakura - because he and Byakuya, work as one
But then, Muramasa appeared with a smirk on his face AND both Byakuya and Senbonzakura on his side which automatically debunked all my logic up there. Pfft!! I phailed! LOL

Of course you idiots! They are your zanpaktous!

OK, here is a thing... Why did Ichigo has to come? I mean... we have other captains in the house, why Ichigo? Oh yeah... earlier in the episode he was reminiscing about Byakuya wasn't he? I guess he wanted to convince Byakuya to come back, just so Rukia won't be hurt. *giggles* yeah I know... I made all logics relevant to IchiRuki :P

That's his face reminiscing @_@

Here's my other thoughts on Byakuya "betrayal". Didn't he said that his instinct is to protect his pride? In my opinion, his pride has something to do with protecting the gotei, his family and his shinigami way of life. So he's dealing with Muramasa his own way. Of course the rest of the captains are too dense to realize this. That's not a surprise...

Finally we got to see Shunshui and Ukitake versus their own zanpaktou. Also Ichigo is about to fight Unohana's zanpaktou? O_O

Oh no, he wasn't! I'm gonna missed Kazeshini >_>

Eh but wait! Didn't Muramasa said that the THREE of them will equal the old fuck's power. So now that they are gone to fight their master how in the world the barrier remained up?

Holy shit, she's a smex! Now I am envious of Shunsui @_@

Want to know something funny? The old fuck was always quick to judge Ichigo whenever shit happened in Soul Society and yet Ichigo is the one saving his ass at the moment. If I were the old fuck, I would have slits my wrist by now XD

I must admit that the animation quality for this episode is superb from start to finish. I love the details when Ichigo and Yourichi shunpoing upon the jagged rocks inside the cave. It was so cool to see Ichigo jumping up from the water and used the rocks as stepping stone for shunpos.

quality animation FTW!!

p/s: the omake just makes me want to bitchslap Soi-Fon >_>

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


Honestly, I love Bleach (as it's obviously, so easy to love), but I just feel like along with this new story arc, things are just primarily filler and lead-ins. Don't you get tired of that? And also, why did Ichigo run to catch what's his face...? Can't he do that 'instant movement' crap????? WTF. Anyways, I look forward to the next episode, but don't doubt it'll get better.

Oh and btw, I guess I don't mean to be contrary, but I just think byakuya is a punk-bitch. Like, he's always hiding behind his sword. Allll the time. But it's whatever though.

LOL great observation there. Fillers inside of a fillers? That's how it is I guess because the news I heard they are stretching this fillers to maybe until early next year. I deemed it necessary in order for the manga to create the next event for the anime.

Having said that, some of the shit shown were repetitive. And I know what you mean. Ichigo should have shunpoed his ass off to catch Unohana's zp but my brain quickly came up with a logical explanation: he's saving up his energy for he knows he would have to face the real threat if he wants to save that old fuck.

Byakuya hiding behind his zanpaktou? Wha... WHAT? Senbonzakura is naught without Byakuya to wield him. I guess Senbonzakura just feels obligated to protect his 'master' despite the fact that he's free. Maybe it's his instinct.

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