28 October 2009

Bleach: Episode 243

Oh we have a new OP and ED theme for the episode. I lost count and not sure what the numbers are for both the OP and ED. I know I will grow to like them in no time, like I always will when it comes to Bleach's theme songs. I already like the seriously badass looks on the shinigami in the OP vid.

As for the ED... what can a humble person like me who is totally gay for Rukia say except that I fucking love it! w00t!!

Finally, Isane and Iba got their turn on the screen. It is about time too. We need to see more of these fukutaichos and learn their abilities and personalities. For example, now we know what a moron 1st squad fukutaicho's zanpaktou really is. I always thought he is kind of a stuck up french man with far much worst of an attitude. Now I know how to deal with it RP wise. hehe

Oh by the way, to whom does Tengen belongs to?

I lol'd. hard. hahahaha XD

I said last week that I looked forward to see Yumichika up against his own zanpaktou. This is why:

badass Yumuchika is hawt

But that is not the only reason. We finally got to see what he is made off. His last fight with that sorry excused of an arrancar is a abomination. I am still scarred whenever I got a flashback image of his fucking crotch. Urgh. Oh well got to love the loyalty of 11th Squad shinigami...

OMG cute!! @_@

I keep thinking that Isane will have no problem healing herself aftr Ashisogi Jizou attacked her. I mean, she's the freaking fukutaicho of 4th Squad! But alas, they just have to disappoint me. I chuckled like mad when they all run with tails between their legs from Ashisogi though. hehe

The same when they show Kira vs Kanzeshini. Kira's psychotic looks are priceless man. Like I said, Kazeshini has lost even before the fight. Kira is that awesome XD

run child, while you can

And yay Kira introduced us to a new kidou spell! Way of Destruction #58: Orchid Sky. And OMFG Wabisuke!!! he is made of sure pure win! I freaking love his ability *squirts*

I'm sorry Kira, but against Wabisuke, you're second best >3

So now I have something to look forward to for the next episode. Yay!

and by the way, I really hate it whenever Kenpachi makes an entrance. It was so fucking cliche. Urgh. Oh and where the fuck is Yachiru's zanpaktou anyway, if she has any? I still need to see some proof that she has what it takes to be a fukutaicho instead of hanging on Kenpachi's shoulder and be an annoying brat. Seriously.

One thing that I notice in this episode is the quality of the animation. Fuck... it was retarded. Most of the time, the badass looks of the shinigami looks like Ikkaku's rape face. Are they too fucking lazy to put some effort in it? Jeebus.

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


Nice anime blog there ^^ Its kinda rare to see Malaysian girl that like animes (at least at my area lol)

Haha.. ur really a Bleachtard >_< I like bleach too.. this filler pwns other bleach filler hehe...

awesome anime list btw... most of them I also watched but recently too much skips since my work stuffs getting piled up >_<

havent watch 243... dling it right now..

hehe, it is rare to find a female animetard here in Malaysia, isn't it?

I'm so glad that I found quite a few bleachtard around here. I so like to spazz.

Same here dude. Life, work, commitment and shit has prevent me from watching anime regularly >_>

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